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Country Harvest Flax and Quinoa Bread
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Très bon pain!
J'adore ce pain! Parfait pour le déjeuner. Le pain est très nutritif avec ces graines de quinoa et de lin. Ce pain a une bonne texture et un bon gout. Je recommande fortement ce pain pour toute votre famille.
Super !
Aucune culpabilité à manger ce pain pain pleins de bonnes choses pour la santé ! Les tranches sont assez mince et le pain n’est pas sec . Le Seul hic est le format ! Ce pain ce termine beaucoup trop rapidement 😊.
The crème de la crème of sandwich toast!
In a day and age where you need to be eating healthy, looking at bread options that bring together great ingredients is part and parcel of how we complement our food. I LOVE this new addition to the Country Harvest family of breads. I've tried a number of their flavours and ingredient combinations, and this is definitely in the top three for me. The textures of the grains are great when you are making a hearty sandwich, and you feel good knowing the kinds of great ingredients that are used in the bread itself. Each slice is quite filling, so the small packages shouldn't be seen negatively. I find that two slices of typical white bread is equivalent to one slice of this, in terms of how filling it is.
The perfect toast
One of my favorite flavours of bread made by Country Harvest. When toasted with a little bit of butter it is so yummy. Even better paired with stew or soup. I would recommend this product 100%!
Ma fille de 16 ans l'adore
Ma fille de 16 ans est difficile niveau nourriture, mais vraiment très difficile alors, je la laisse choisir son pain et elle revient toujours avec un pain de la marque Country Harvest. Son préféré du moment, Lin et Quinoa. C'est vrai qu'il est délicieux. J'aime la texture que donne ces graines dans la bouche.
Tasty and nutritious
This is a great option to toast for sandwiches. The whole grains, flax and quinoa make it feel more substantial than most breads out there. I've had this bread several times and plan on buying it again.
Quality tasting
This brand of bread is good, I’ve tried most all the types they offer. This one is very tasty and satisfying. I prefer to toast it and have it that way, deffinetly worth the money. The 14 grain is my favourite.
This is actual whole grain bread, unlike “brown bread” you regularly see. This bread is healthy, contains the good carbs your body needs, and tastes great. I like it toasted- it really brings out the flax flavour!
Good Bread
We buy & eat this bread regularly. Toasts nicely. Moist. Contains whole grains & fibre, as well as proteins.
Love it!
Love toasting this bread it brings out the nuttiness flavour. Definitely would recommend.
Healthy and Tasty
I'm a big fan of Country Harvest bread and the Grain +Omerga-3 Flax & Quinoa is one of my favourite! It's super tasty and great for you too! I highly recommend this bread and I will continue to buy it.
Healthy and tasty
Love the taste and texture of this bread. It isn’t too heavy and tastes as good untoasted as it does toasted, plain or with any topping. Great mix of grains, would recommend.
j'ai toujours adoré la marque Country Harvest, le melange de lin et de quinoa donne un tres bon gout lorsque le pain est grillé, la texture exterieur du pain est parfaite alors c'est facile lorsque vient le temps d'étendre une garniture
Great tasting bread. It is a little heavy so therefore it is filling. Medium price.
Whole grain
Love that it’s whole grain definitely my bread of choice.

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