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Great bread
Love this bread toasts great and priced right. Buy it all the time
very good filling and tasty i buy all the time full of grains and protein
Love this bread! Whenever I buy Country Harvest, Flax & Quinoa is one of healthiest of them all.
Best Bread
This bread is amazingly soft. It has the perfect balance of flour to grains. It is especially great for sandwiches as the crust is never hard and the bread is always moist. This is one of my go to bread.
love it!
Only buy when under $2/loaf but it's so good on everything.
Only bread I'll buy
My husband was buying this bread long before I met him - and we have been purchasing it together ever since. It is wholesome and even my kids enjoy it.
Omega-3 for overall healthy eating
County Harvest has some of the best tasting breads. The fact that the ingredients of Flax and Quinoa shows they are interested in providing the consumer with healthyy choices I have been eating Country Harvest for many years now.
The only bread we buy!
This bread tastes good, toasts well and I feel better knowing there are healthier things in it than your standard white bread. It even makes a really delicious French toast, which is not something all “healthier” breads do!
Leaves you feeling full
One sandwich is sufficient to last until your next meal. Even the picky eater enjoys this, even though it is healthy. I feel good about what I am feeding my growing boys.
One of the best
Country Harvest Flax and Quinoa Bread is my 1 of 2 go-to's for bread. I love that it's healthy and has a great taste! I usually eat an egg, pb&j, or cheese sandwich for one of my snack/meals for work and I have no complaints. I will continue to buy this bread.
Country harvest
This bread was Amazing l loved the texture and the freshness of the bread also it was very nutritional
Enjoyed the texture. Nutritional value of this bread.
Good texture
I love this bread. It has both good flavour and texture.
Tasty Goodness
I love that this bread has quinoa! I'm diabetic and quinoa is a diabetic friendly grain, so I've been trying to incorporate more of it in my diet. I love eating this toasted with peanut butter!
Great alternative to regular white bread.
I thought my husband would put up a fight to switch over to this bread, but to my surprise he liked it. It is also great toasted.

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