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Good and healthy
Good bread for morning toast or sandwich Keeps moist
favourite bread
I am picky about my bread. This is the bread I look for!
Good quality price
Love this bread. Taste good Healthy version Easy to digest Often on sale Not to sweet Really like it
Fresh bread
I have tried this product it's always fresh and very healthy, it has a lot of protein in the product and it fills me. I have tried other bread and the slices are thin and not filling this is not the case with this bread as well it's very flavourful. I recommend this bread
Perfect for BLTs!
Our family loves this particular Country Harvest bread for the taste and texture. There isn't a ton of seeds, but is still wholesome enough to make a good sandwich. Unfortunately, we've noticed the size of the loaves and slices havs decreased over the past year or so, and yet the price remains the same - it is usually priced reasonably and on sale often at No Frills.
Great tasting bread
I love these kinds of Dempsters healthy bread. They are great even just toasted with some butter. Healthy and great tasting with lots of nutritional value.
Tasty and Healthy
We like nearly all of the Dempster's grain breads and this is one of our favorites. It has a great taste with lots of grain. Is very filling and not doughy.
Awesome bread
I can always tell if a bread is good by the way it fills me up. Regular white bread leaves me feeling bloated and then an hour later I'm starving. Country Harvest Flax & Quinoa doesn't do that.
Love Country Harvest
I am very excited to see Country Harvest using super grains like Quinoa. It makes great sandwiches and wonderful toast. I made toast for my 5 and 3 year old nephews and they love it!
Good Bread
This bread is not too heavy so it doesn't leave you feeling like you have a rock in your stomach after eating it. I prefer the Raisin and cinnamon bread more tbh.
Healthy bread
I like Country Harvest's variety of bread, especially this one with flax and quinoa. It's quite delicious and filling. I like it best toasted for any sandwich. The only downside is that the seeds tend to get stuck in between the teeth, so you definitely need to floss afterwards.
A favorite
I really enjoy this bread especially toasted with peanut butter. I feel better knowing its healthy for me and my family as well. The only down side is the kids dont like the small pieces of grain in it.
Country Harvest Flax and Quinoa Bread
Delicious bread. Especially toasted smothered in Peanut Butter. Thanks
Country Harvest Bread (Flax and Quinoa)
Country harvest makes bread that is healthy for all ages. I feel this way because of the different grains that they add to it. Flax seeds are a great addition for those who don't often eat high fibered foods and quinoa is a great grain that provides us great nutrious value.
Mon préféré
Je l'ai adopté depuis quelques années déjà, il a eu le temps de changer de look depuis mais il a toujours le même bon goût Il est plein de graines de lin il reste moelleux qu'il soit grillé ou pas, il est délicieux au petit déjeuner, en sandwich ou simplement pour compléter une salade. C'est un pain nutritif, excellente source de fibres.

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