3.3 5 0 62 62 CRAVE Pulled Chicken Burrito Bowls feature tender pulled chicken, juicy corn and tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, savoury black beans, and finally: a creamy tomato chili sauce!
Crave Pulled Chicken Burrito Bowl Frozen Meal
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Super fast and easy.
Awesome for a fast meal,, great portion for one person..
Good for a quick meal
These crave meals have become a favourite for a quick on the go lunch. When mornings get hectic it is nice to be able to grab one and take off to work. They have a great flavour for beings froZen meal and the overall value is great.
Too small portion. Looks, flavor and taste was good
Great tasting
I got this to try on days when I have to work late and come home and dont have a lot of time before I need to go to bed to return to work. It tasted great but like others have said the portion was way too small. But they do need more flavours and bigger portions for adults. I would recommend to anyone who doesn't eat a lot of food at once.
Convenient but not filling.
I was excited to try this product when it came out as i'm a busy mother of two little kids and need quick meals. It wasn't bad - was flavourful, but the portions were way too small. I also noticed there was a little pool of water at the bottom after it was heated. Guessing that's the defrost, but i've had other microwave meals, and never had that issue. I would buy it again, but hope they get more flavours.
très déçue !
Il semblait plein d espoir, mais après essai il est aussi mauvais que les autres plats préparés congelés.
Decent but small
Over all this meal was decent, a bit expensive for the size in my opinion, it didn’t fill my husband up for lunch at all. But he said he didn’t mind the taste. But probably wouldn’t buy again because of size
Good in a pinch
Bought this for a quick meal the kids could make when I'm working late. They thought it looked great from the packaging and I agreed. The taste was a bit bland, but it did the trick in a pinch. Definitely not a top product other than an attractive package.
Crave dinners
Tasted very fake ,did not like at all it tasted like it came from a cardboard box , nothing special about it at all
Didn't match my expectations
Nothing to write home about. It was okay but I was hoping for better from the commercials.
Not for me
This was very very gross it wasn't what iwas told it would be
Maybe another one
I wasn't quite fond of this flavor, the texture is good, and cooks well, I just find it leaves an after taste you just can't get rid of, I'll try a different kind next time
Good and filling
This is a very filling meal. It is easy to cook up and delicious to eat. It ends up better when you share this with someone.
Quick and easy
This was nice for a quick lunch. The flavours are nice. It was pretty hearty which was surprising.
Really enjoyed this one and a few other ones from crave

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