4.5 5 0 97 97 Cream of Wheat® Instant presents 3 flavour variety pack: Original, Cinnamon Swirl and Maple Brown Sugar.
Cream of Wheat® Instant Variety Pack
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Great product
This is one of my favourites breakfast options, it is so creamy and feeling. and I love that it is quick to prepare, had it with some strawberries so delicious, I recommend this product
This is darn amazing. I love the taste of it. I would recommend this to others.
I love Cream of Wheat. I prefer it over Oatmeal. This variety pack is great in the mornings. Love the flavours available in the pack.
I have tried it but was way to sweet for me, back to the oatmeal.
Pretty good. I will probably be buying it more in the upcoming winter months
I use to eat this when I was a kid, but there was only one flavour back than. My kids enjoy being able to pick a different flavour with this one and I like knowing they`ve had something good in them before school!
Received a free sample of the cinnamon but found it much too sweet and artificial tasting. Couldn`t even finish my bowl full):
Received a sample and tried it. It was disgusting !!!
MMMMMM the cinnamon swirl, so tasty! I loved this.
I still love the from scratch but these are perfect for camping!!
We are not a big fan of cream of wheat. My kids would not eat it, they didn`t like the texture. I had a coupon for it and thought it would be a great to try something different.
One of my new top faces for a warm breakfast. Love the new tastes.
I received a free sample package of cinnamon swirl in the mail (which I am very thankful of) but unfortunately when I tried it I hated it. I just can`t get over the grainy texture. It`s just not for me.
Fantastic new product. I make it part of my morning everyday. Its so quick and easy and delicious. My favourite is Maple and Brown Sugar.
I was so excited to see this. I used to love cream of wheat as a kid, and it`s nice to now be able to have quickly when ever I want. I enjoy all 3 flavors, but the maple is my favorite.

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