4.6 5 0 142 142 Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste has an activated foam formula that penetrates hard to reach places to help neutralize harmful plaque bacteria below the gum line, for healthier gums.
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Worth It
Even though this toothpaste is slightly more expensive than regular toothpaste it’s worth it. Due to medication my mouth dries very quickly. This toothpaste cleans my mouth and teeth the best and that feeling lasts for a longer time. Plus because it does foam up more it cleans in more places. The only thing I would change is the taste to spearmint flavour.
It made my mouth feel very clean and it seems like it forms alot so you dont need that much of the product. The price seems a bit too high
10/10 great paste
Love this product, have been using for almost a year now. It leaves my gums feeling nice and clean and fresh. Great for everyday use. Have been using since trial date
gum detoxify
I love this tooth paste. Left my teeth feeling clean and fresh. I have sensitive gums and I feel like it improved them. Its a new product so its a little pricey. If the price was a little lower that would be awesome,
Fresh and clean
This toothpaste leaves a great minty taste in your mouth but is not overpowering. Made my mouth feel very fresh and clean and it lasted a long time. I would definitely Italy recommend this to a friend.
Leaves your mouth fresh
This toothpaste has a great minty taste and it leaves both your breathe and mouth/teeth feeling clean and fresh. It does not have any burning feelings like other minty toothpastes.
Like so many, I have severe dry mouth. I have been using another brand for dry mouth which is really expense. I was given a sample of this toothpaste from my dentist and I love Crest Gum Detoxify. Generally I find the mint flavoured toothpaste really strong and I feel like my mouth is on fire. For the first time in a really long time my mouth really clean and there was a light tingle. I hope my next dentist appt. shows that I have tried something different and I have no cavities.
Tried this product but will stick with my regular brand.
Not my favorite
I did not like the texture or flavor of this product.
Great toothpaste
An important part of our oral health is our gums and my Dr suggested I try this. I like and use it regularly . A great taste and good texture
Feels so good!
I'm partial to the Crest flavours so I was happy to see a new product and one that was dedicated to gums (I have receding gums and other peridonal issues). This toothpaste foams ups and makes your gums tingle (at least it did for me!). I alternate between this and the optic white (my other fave crest product) to keep my teeth white and my gums healthy. I have noticed a change in the colour and bounce back of my gums since using this product. Highly recommend!
Great product great results
I had a lot of problems pain and bleeding with my gums when I was pregnant and after a few days it was so much better and 5 months later still great.
This is my go to product for my teeth sensitivity. The taste is not over whelming, i like to drink water 30 minute after brushing and don’t want to have a minty taste to ta. taste to my water.
Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste
I give this toothpaste 4.5. It does a good job. My teeth feel clean, pleasant taste plus I like that it helps with my gums & has teeth whitening.
Loved Crest Detoxify toothpaste. It cleaned well and left your mouth feeling fresh. I have sensitive teeth and could use this brand.

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