Crest Pro Health Bacteria Shield & Gum Toothpaste

4.6 5 0 60 60 Created after years of research by Crest scientists, it’s been specially formulated to target the millions of plaque bacteria around the gum line. Crest Bacteria Shield & Gum uses a activated foam to help penetrate hard to reach areas, finding and neutralizing harmful plaque bacteria around the gum line. Clinically proven to reduce gum bleeding to fortify gums.
Crest Pro Health Bacteria Shield & Gum Toothpaste


I really like that tooth paste help with gum and cavity . It’s good quality and it’s very affordable price to buy too. I love that brand makes my teeth clean and breath fresh after using tooth paste. I would really others.
Bacteria fighter
Felt like I had fresh breath afterwards and having gingivitis noticed my gums looking better within a week of using
Good product
I use this brand all the time I feel like it doesn't matter witch one you buy the ingredients are the same and does the same thing it taste great not overpowering would recommend
Clean and fresh
This has made a big difference in my gums, they are no longer inflamed or bleeding every time l brush. My breath is fresher gums have really improved my teeth feel cleaner.
Amazing product. Love it. Helped my gums majorly I’ve seen improvement. The taste the way it felt love it Not so thick. But other than that it’s perfect. Yes I would. To everyone
Bye Bye Plaque
I really liked the way my mouth felt after using this toothpaste, clean and fresh! I generate a lot of plaque so the real test will be at my next dental cleaning, but it seems to do the trick. The only draw back was that I wasn't crazy about the taste, but as long as it works, I'll keep using it.
Drying to my mouth
This product was drying to my mouth which was rather disappointing. I just haven't had a good experience with this toothpaste. Maybe change some of the ingredients. I would not recommend this product.
Great toothpaste for cleaning and gums
I really like the freshness of this Crest Pro toothpaste. It really makes my teeth and gums feel clean, if there was anything to complain about it would be that it really caused a dryness on my tongue and my front gums that was a bit uncomfortable but went away after a bit of time an drinking water.
Works well
This toothpaste did a good job overall but I found the taste not to my liking.
Great product
With Crest, you are sure to use a quality product.
Great detox toothpaste that keeps the mouth and gums fresh throughout the day.
Crest Pro Health Bacteria Shield T
Crest is our first choice in our house hold, really like this one for the protection
I give it an 8/10
Works great, tastes good. My mouth feels amazing. Love it
Leaves a clean mouth taste
Loved the feeling of a clean mounth taste after use.
Great product, high price
Great product for keeping your mouth clean and fresh, however the price difference is way more for this than regular toothpaste. Sometimes keeping a clean mouth, costs a bit more than expected. I'd still buy it again. Thanks

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