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Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Clean Mint Mouthwash
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Clean feeling
Love this mouthwash. Makes your mouth and teeth feel clean and fresh. No alcohol is a bonus.
This mouthwash is good, wakes ya up in the morning!! Leaving u feeling fresh and clean.
Great Value
Great valued product. Efficient & Reliable. Well priced & great fresh taste
Perfect when you're in a rush!
It is a routine for me to brush my teeth using crest 3d white and crest mouth wash after to feel extra clean. My dentist recommended the routine as well so mouth wash is a necessity not an option!
Healthy mouth
This is a great product . Does not burn like alchohol based products. Nice fresh taste. This mouth wash really works for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.
For me and my kid
Leave me with a smooth and fresh sensations in my mouth and my kid does not mind using it.
Whole clean feel
I've never been able to use mouthwash before, it's usually too harsh and burns. This mouthwash though it gentler and I'm able to use it with out any ill effects. It leave my mouth feel clean and smelling great.
Love this mouthwash!!
I am very pleased with this mouthwash it effectively illuminates my bad breath leaving my mouth feel clean and tingly it does not leave my mouth feeling burnt. I highly recommend!!
c'est ma marque régulière
Ce rince-bouche a très bon goût mais il fait aussi un très bon travail. J'ai essayé d'autres marque mais suis définitivement revenu à Crest multi-protection. Mon hygiéniste dentaire est contente des soins que j'apporte à mes dents et à mes gencives !
Très efficace et superbe sensation en bouche, très frais
Un incontournable après un bon brossage, et j'aime la sensation de fraicheur en bouche, je le recommande !
Minty fresh
I use this stuff daily. Won't leave my house unless I use some. Prefect breath every time
I do like this mouthwash, but I dot use it as often as I would like to because it is just a smidgen too minty for me. It is alcohol free so that is a good thing.
Fraîcheur prolongée
J'adore les produits buccaux Crest Pro health.Faites en l'essai
Love the clean taste
The taste of this mouthwash is great not too strong. Leaves breath smelling fresh for a long time. Takes away the offensive smell of smoke from smokers
Will not burn your mouth
For those of us who can't use a mouthwash with alcohol because it burns, Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Clean Mint Mouthwash is a great option, as it won't burn and the fresh mint taste is pleasant after brushing. I use this mouthwash on a regular basis.

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