4.1 5 0 39 39 Satisfyingly crispy and wonderfully light, taco night is saved!
Crispy Flour Tortilla Shells
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Love making tacos with this kits,it’s so easy! Love the brand
Superior product
I am a Taco connoisseur. I have had Tacos for dinner every Tuesday night for 2 Decades. When heated as instructed these shells are the perfect consistency so they don't shatter on the first bite. I use them regularly.
Love tacos
Love making tacos with these and the other kits they offer. Taste great
Tortilla Shells
I did not like Old El Paso crispy Tortilla Shells. Only good if you want the fillings in your lap...
Taco night, every night!
Love making tacos at home with these kits, can make black bean tacos, tofu, bbq carrot, the options are endless
Love it
I’m in love with this company and every type of box available. This one is not my favourite bit it id still pretty good and the price is really good!
flavour is great nice crisp to it
nice taste and holds pretty well, the size is perfect. good to warm them up first
hard shell taco hurts your mouth
Hard taco shells hurts your mouth. I am sure I am not the only one. some of these tacos are so hard it cuts your mouth. Not baby or senior friendly
Son deliciosas y crujientes a mi familia les encantan
I so love these... they are so good.. My boys like them as well. Will keep these in my pantry.
Crispy Tortilla Shells
Tacos are the quick meal the whole family can enjoy!
Because I am diabetic I have to watch my carbohydrate intake and bread is not a great choice. This is a great choice taste great and I love this product
flour power
I always look for this type of taco shell, I got 2 boxes just in case, we have tacos at least once a week, the kids didn't know why the taste was different they just care if taste good.
crispy and tasty
My family and I have tried these, and I buy them often. I have used beef, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, cheeses, lettuce-you name it, and consistently gotten really tasty meal.They are so good and hold their crispiness for the whole bite! Never once have they gone soggy-even if you put your hot sauce on them while making them-or melt the cheese! They just taste like those that we have tried on visiting Mexico-or in good restaurants.
I eat these shells with soy ground round which is a vegan beef substitute and add veggies and avocado, plus mrs. dash. Really good.

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