4 5 0 37 37 Satisfyingly crispy and wonderfully light, taco night is saved!
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not worth the buy, tastes like cardboard and should never be used in place of a tortilla
I found this product very tasty and crispy. It was a nice balance between a hard and soft taco
Crispy & Light Tortilla shells
I usually bought Old Ed Paso Tortilla shells when I am making taco and it goes so well with it. It's light crispy and compliment the taco so well, i will airfry in my airfryer for extra crispiness. Highly recommended.
I haven't tried these would like a coupon to try, we love tacos, soft or hard shell, this in interesting
I wouldn't mind trying this product myself because I do eat tacos. It would be nice to try something new.
This is an idea long overdue. While I do eat flour tortillas, the idea of having them crispy and crunchy really appeals to me as a change from corn tortillas. I will be scouting for this product the next time I go shopping, as I could eat tacos several times a week and not ever get tired of the. I fill them with a wide variety of fillings and enjoy.
My family and I love these toco shells

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