3.5 5 0 37 37 From the fanciest party to a quick afternoon snack, our new Mozzarella Style Slices are true palette pleasers. Mild and creamy, they’re delicious hot or cold, and like all Daiya slices, the taste, texture and melt are even better with our new, improved recipe. Now everyone can eat freely with these amazing Mozzarella Style Slices.
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Not bad
Considering its a vegan item.I was very unsure.But my oldest daughter is vegan.So ive got to try new things.To my surprise.It wasnt exactly what I thought.Compared to regular cheese.But its an alternative. My youngest didnt mind it.
This gets a 2 star review because it is still a vegan option for cheese, however the taste is very very disappointing. Even when not comparing it to real dairy cheese, the Daiya cheese has an unpleasant taste and texture that has to be masked by adding your own flavors and experimentation's.
Terrible Taste
I decided to try this for my clean eating diet-it had a very disgusting flavour-definitely will not purchase it again.
Best out there
If you really miss cheese (after going the plant based route) then this is the best replacement on the market in my opinion. It's not all that healthy, and if you compared it side by side with real cheese it would be a let down, but it does a fairly good cheese impression. Enjoy.
I have tried many different vegan cheeses this one is not for me!. The texture, smell and taste are all that of a soggy sponge in my opinion.
Not the best
I recently found out I have a dairy allergy and have tried several dairy free cheeses. Although daiya products are the most available I don't find they have the best flavor. I find they have many more "unpronounceable" ingredients than their competitors.
Love the taste and texture. I buy daiya a lot. Good for pizza and sandwiches! Melts in the oven and microwave!
I wasn’t a fan
Not a fan of this one guys sorry 2 stars, would eat if I was starving though
Good cheese alternative!
I buy these for my daughter as she is lactose intolerant. They do taste very good as a cheese alternative! The only thing that is not like real cheese is the melt ability...they don't melt as easy as they claim, takes a fair bit of time to get to the melting point for say grilled cheese or pizza. But I think that is to be somewhat expected since it is not real cheese.
Very good false cheese
For being a cheese substitute this stuff is very tasty and has a nice texture to it. Would buy again!
Lovely product
I in-fact found this dairy free product really good. Tasty, easy to cook with. Not a lot of dairy free items out there but I did enjoy this one.
Absolutely delicious. I recently became a huge Daiya cheese fan after trying their Gouda cheese (incredible) and now I have tried all their cheeses and love all of them. Highly recommend this product mozza is delicious.
Better than dairy cheese
After finding this brand, my husband and I prefer it over dairy cheese that we grew up with!
Amazing vegan cheese alternative!
Absolutely love the Daiya products and loved that they recently came out with new flavors for their sliced cheese line. They taste AMAZING when melted, plus it's a great size/shape to put on top of veggie burgers (Beyond Meat + Daiya cheese is a match made in haven!), or even just grilled cheese of other veggie sandwiches. They are not as good when they are not melted, please keep that in mind. Overall, I think it's an amazing product and makes being vegan (or just lactose intolerant/allergic) way easier!
Great alternative to traditional dairy cheese
My daughter and I recently decided to try a dairy free diet but we struggled greatly due to our love for traditional cheese. We have tried many other types and flavors however they didn’t have either the great cheese taste or the melt-abilities like dairy cheese dies. This cheese checked both boxes and it has become a staple in our diet.

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