0 5 0 13 21 Danacol is a yogurt drink with plant sterols. Plant sterols help reduce cholesterol. 80 mL of Danacol provide 50 percent of the daily amount of plant sterols shown to help reduce cholesterol in adults.
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I haven't tried Danacol yet I would like to try it and write a review about it
Drinkable yogurt with plant sterols sounds healthy will have to try this product.
I haven`t tried this and personally wouldn`t like to I`m not a fan of drinkable yogurt.
I have not tried this brand but I love drinkable yogurts so I would be willing to try this.
I love this yogurt drink, very easy to bring with you for a small snack and nice to drink for breakfast too!
i buy this for my kids and they love it. tastes great and provides all the vitamins they need.
I like this. Its small serving size means you don`t get I large amount of calories for a start. Plus you get some calcium and protein with the plant sterols. Not sure how effective these really are thou.
Really like this product! Lovely wake me up in the mornings! Good for you too!
Did not care for this drink at all, tried this and the danactive one too. Not very tasty in my opinion. I`ll stick to my IOGO drinkable yogurts and m y YOP drinks.
I like drinkable yogurt and this one tastes good. I do with it had a little less sugar, it tends to be a bit sweet.
I bought these as a snack when I saw them on sale and happened to have a coupon for them, picked up the Blueberry flavor. It was my first time trying a drinkable yogurt, so I found the texture kind of strange, but the taste was great - haven`t tried other flavors yet, but have bought the blueberry a few times since, when I see it on sale. My seven year old snags a few too when I buy them, and thinks they are fun. :)
Excellent taste, not runny. My kids enjoy them too
we love these! they are great to put in lunches too
my daughter loves the Danacol . she has one every morning with her toast
My kids and grandkids love these always have them in the fridge so they can grab one before they leave the house i like the conveniece and they like the taste

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