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Dare Real Fruit Berries
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great tasting gummy candy! seems healthy enough haha
Love love love!
These are so good! I love my berries. These have a great variety of flavors. And much healthier than other options of gummies.
Good candy
After trying this product, I have to admit that even if they are really good, they are not as good as the traditional version. But they still taste good and are really soft compare to other brand. I recommend this brand.
Swedish berries got nothing in these
Swedish berries are my all time favourite candy and these have no replaced them as my favourite movie candy.
Overlooked candy, but delicious
It may not be the most popular candy around, but they are explosive and taste great. They can be hard to find in stores, as not all places carry them. Overall, great candy, but you have to find them first.
Fruit snacks
My new fav snack. Great fruit flavours that aren’t extremely sweet which I like.
Love these!
Amazing taste. No yucky fake taste. Nice and soft. Would buy again for sure!
I love any type of candy or chocolate and these were so delicious! It makes it better that they are better, health wise and taste wise, than regular candy!!
They taste good, but don't really compare to the traditional Real Fruit tummies.
A bit chewy and not quite as flavourful as I had hoped. Was hoping for more fruity taste.
I love these little gems. They have fabulous flavor, and aren't too sticky in my teeth.
All children tried these, and they all gave it a thumbs up!! Great for lunches and as a snack in general.
I...LOVE...THESE! Tried different flavours and love them all. Gelatin free are a bit chewier but the flavours are great! Yum!
These are so yummy. Soft, chewy, sweet. I buy them all the time. The kids love them too.
Taste just like candy but better for you than candy. Loved it :)

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