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I love the flavours. The little containers they come in are very convenient.
My son loves this stuff. Great way to add a hint of flavor to water.
Very good! Like how you can put as much as you want.
I really like the taste of Dasani Drops including this new one, Pink Lemonade. The container is small enough to carry in my purse and when I'm at a restaurant I'll put a few drops in my glass of water and enjoy this zero calorie drink. Plain water is good, but, Dasani water enhancers are great!
I have tried a few different flavors and I can say not a fan. I found them very bland.
I’ve tried these and liked the pineapple mix one best. Some of the berry ones have a bad taste if you squeeze too much in it. It is a good product for those people who don’t like to drink water.
Keep these on my desk at work. Good for flavoring your water. Highly suggested for people who have issues drinking regular water & need flavor. A few drops will transform your water. Light like mineral water.
I have tried the berry pomegranate flavour and I actually enjoy it. I was not expecting it to be good as I have tried other flavours and found I needed too much to make much of a difference, so for me it wasn't worth the money. It has an awesome flavour and does not have that sweetener after taste mmmmm so good.
berry pomagrante mmmmmmmm, my favoraite without these id never drink water and they are diabetic friendly wich is evan better
I liked this product but I found that you had to use way to much to get just the right flavour
I have tried the Dasani Drops in Cherry Pomegranate and I loved it! I like the convenience of this and I also like being able to change the concentration of the product, depending on my mood. It's very flavorful, not too sweet and doesn't have an artificial, fake flavor. It is a fun way to change up boring, old water!
I have tried the grape flavour, and this liquid water enhancer is definitely my favorite grape flavour that currently exists. I tend to be the person who uses more then recommended though, rather then less. The flavour itself doesn't leave a bad aftertaste which one generally expects with artificial sweeteners.
I like the flavour of the Dasani Pink Lemonade drops. Nice without being overly sweet.
I tried this and it's good but a little sweet.I don't think I will continue to buy this.
I have tried a few different flavour enhancers. I found that the Dasani leaves a film on your glass (likely from the sweetner) and it has a bit of an after-taste. Not one of my go-tos.

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