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Dasani Drops
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I like the flavour of the Dasani Pink Lemonade drops. Nice without being overly sweet.
I tried this and it's good but a little sweet.I don't think I will continue to buy this.
I have tried a few different flavour enhancers. I found that the Dasani leaves a film on your glass (likely from the sweetner) and it has a bit of an after-taste. Not one of my go-tos.
I have tried many different types of water enhancing drops and found the Dasani Pink Lemonade to be one of the tastiest. Great for the summer.
I bought the grape version. I can tolerate it, but I don't enjoy it like I do juice. Juice has a nice texture from the sugar. Some people say you just have to get used to it and appreciate it as a unique flavour like you may learn to appreciate alcohol and this has worked for me for pops but not for anything resembling juice. This is not so much a fault of this product but of the fact that science is not close to finding a sugar substitute that is the same taste and mouth-feel as sugar. The industry needs to accept that this is what consumers want. R&D to the rescue?
I love the convenience of being able to choose a different flavour for my water and the ease of adding it in.
I love these. My favourites are grape and pink lemonade. So easy to use and you can easily decide how much to add, depending on the size of your glass. I keep mine on the fridge door, so they're cold, easy to find and near the water. Hope they add more flavours!
je n'ai pas aimé ce produit le gout ma tombé vite sur le coeur et j'ai arretée de l'utiliser
c'est un bon produit mais si tu en met trop dans ton eau ca devient trop sucré et le gout est pas vraiment le fun
We use these all the time! I love how versatile they are.. you can add as much or as little as you want. Nice variety of flavours too.
I have a tried a few, I go with way less than the recommended amount so the good news is they last longer that way :) pink lemonade has been the favorite so far tho I have not yet tried them all
J'aime bien le Dasani à la limonade. Je l'utilise au bureau. Ça me permet de boire plus d'eau dans ma journée.
Love this product. I find I'm drinking far more water, have limited juice intake and have completely cut out pop. It's a must-have on my weekly shop.
Not crazy about this product.... I just found it had a strange artificial taste. Have yet to find one of these water flavour products that doesn't
I like the mixed berry flavour. Some days stronger tasting than others so I tend to use it up quickly. I think its too expensive though. It would be nice to see some coupons for them!

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