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Dasani Drops
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All of the flavours I have tried are very good. I do agree you need to add way more product than "a few drops" or its too bland. You don't get close to the recommended servings per container. I will buy it again though.
I usually buy Crystal Light drops but I had a coupon and these were on sale so I bought them. I was surprised at the taste, I will buy them again. Good value for what I paid!
This is just ok. I find it a but expensive and not all that interesting.
I enjoyed these however I found that you needed to use more than the package suggests to get a decent flavor. (Otherwise it is reminiscent of that awful watered-down school/church picnic orange drink from the late 1970`s/early 1980`s). I still find powdered Crystal Light drink mix easier and better tasting.,
The grape is amazing!! It mixes so well with the water and doesn`t clump like some of the powders do. And you control how much you want to use. Good value too!
i have bought 7 flavours of this they are ok as long as you use less than they tell you too but it is good otherwise
My husband and I found this one day looking for different alternatives for our water. The recommended dosage is a bit too much for me but I have found the right balance and I love it. I use it every day! Cherry Pomegranate is by far the best one!
Quel joie quand les enfants ont vue que j`avais acheté ce produits ... je sais pas pourquoi ils avait extrêmement soif ce jour l`a !! de mon coté je ne suis pas sur du verdict ...
Great tasting. It`s delicious. I like the cherry pomegrante flavour.
some days it`s just hard to drink plain water...I love Dasani flavor drops, they make drinking 10 glasses a day so easy!
I am drinking the Cherry and Pomegranate drops right now. It is so delicious. I am hooked. I even like it better than Mio.
My daughter convinced me to buy these last week- I drink a lot of water already but this is a nice treat every once and a while. Great taste and so easy to use.
Cherry Pomegranate is great! Refreshing!
Good product but trying to find the right balance for flavor versus sweetness can be hard. I do not drink enough water and I thought this product would help but found the flavors a bit off putting.
These are disgusting. Rather drink my water plain.

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