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Degree® Men Time Released Ever Fresh Anti-Perspirant Stick
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Degree Time Released anti-perspirant WORKS! My teenage son uses it and he stinks! (LOL) This product actually helps prevent odour throughout the day. The scent is masculine yet not overwhelming.
one of the best ever....a lot of faith in this product to say the least
This @Degree® Men Time Released Ever Fresh Anti-Perspirant Stick the brand the men in my family use. They have commented that it works well at keeping them dry, sweat free and smelling great all day right through the evening. It is a very affordable price as well as great protection.
It works good, doesn't irritate me, long lasting, not overpowering scent.
The only deodorant my husband trusts and uses. It works well for him. He will not try anything else.
I too am a woman and have been using this for the last few months, women's deodorant doesn't work for me and irritates me a lot, I live the scent of this, it works and doesn't irritate me . And its cheap. Everything I want.be warned tho, it does leave marks on ur clothes
im going to be honest here even thou im NOT a MAN i have a hard time finding products that dont end up giving me a skin reaction of some sort. this product works best on me has a nice light smell and kicks butt thanks for being able to help me and save me LOL
What a great product. Initially bought it on sale but now that I have used it, I will definitely buy it again for both my husband any myself.
I love this product , I have tried many others and was mostly disappointed, my daughters ask me every time I go grocery shopping
This is one of the best brands around! No matter how long you sweat for in a day, still keeps you smelling fresh and dry!
My husband uses this and it has an amazing sent , j adore la senteur wow
Never worry about stress sweat! Very helpful when constantly having "hot flashes". Nice fragrance.
My husband uses this and it has an amazing sent and it never leave my husband smelling bad after a hard days work
My son and husband use degree. they dont have to worry about having any odor for the whole day.
I have not tried this particular new product and would like to try it but I have tried other degree products for women. Also the men have tried other degree and they enjoyed it.

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