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Delissio Buffalo Chicken
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Great Buffalo Pizza
The Delissio Buffalo Chicken pizza is one of my favourites. It has a good amount of chicken, and the spiciness of the buffalo is good but not too strong. I do find it a little thick, but other than that it's delicious.
Really Delicous
I wasn't sure about this one but my husband likes bbq type sauces and I like chicken so we tried it! I have to say it was actually really good! Lots of cheese and the sauce had a bit of a sweetness to it. Chicken oeices were nice and thick too!
Must Keep On Hand
Delissio Buffalo Chicken pizza is very good. The crust is dense and moist. Wished it had more chicken on the pizza. Excellent pizza to have handy for lunch, dinner or midnight snack.
quick and easy
As with all frozen pizza, this is a nice quick and easy meal on a busy work night. Pop it into the oven, get some small chores done and dinner will be ready in no time. Crust is good, not too dense. Chicken is moist with a hint of spice. I wouldn't say this is spicy but has a little bit of heat
imy family and i enjoyed this pizza..we recommend it since it has great flavors
This pizza is a favourite of my husband and myself. One problem I have with it is that it doesn`t rise like the rest of the Delissio pizzas, and the dough seems to be a bit gummy. Otherwise it has a great taste.
Loved it!! also used some Ranch for dipping. Soooo Good!!!
We always keep frozen pizzas on hand for quick easy meals and decided to give this one a try. The pizza had lots of toppings but we did not care for the taste. We will not purchase this one again.
Can you give this 2 thumbs up?!?! I wish!! I love this pizza, bought it on sale thinking I`d try it and it was all eaten up so fat there were no left-overs! Which, made me sad as I desperately wanted another slice.
Any Delissio is great, we tried the buffalo chicken and loved it. Rising rust is my families favorite, chunks of chicken with cheese is delicious
This is by far my favorite Delissio pizza. Has a great amount of spice to it! I can handle it graciously my bf adds extra hot sauce. Great pizza!!
The flavour of the pizza is good and has enough spice (we love Franks Hot Sauce!) The pizza dough is too doughy and overwhelms the toppings.
YUM! Buffalo Chicken is my favorite pizza (From the grocery store.) My kids love it too! Win/ win and it saves so much money not having to order out on pizza night. A salad on the side with my Delissio Buffalo Chicken pizza makes a delicious healthy balanced meal.
Way too spicy for me! The dough was also only mediocre
Way to spicy for me, would not purchase again.I tried them all and this one is not for me.

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