Dempster`s Bakery Farmhouse Homestyle Bread

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Dempster`s Bakery Farmhouse Homestyle Bread


This bread is so good, I love it toasted with peanut butter and jam.
love the white bread. delicious. love it in the morning with jam.
It has a great, soft texture that makes me want to eat the whole loaf!
Tired it when it went on sale just to see how it was and it was pretty tasty loved it.
Tried this out when it was on sale and loved it. It is a bit costly for the amount you receive per package ... need to watch for sales.
LOVED IT!! It was thick, dense and chewy just like fresh homemade bread should taste like!
Not my favorite, it`s OK for recipes or cooking with, but not my taste for a bread choice. I always buy home made bread and such for the family.
I had a coupon to try this out for free and really enjoyed the bread.
I bought this because I thought it would be great for French toast, and I was right... Its nice and thick just like my grandma used to make it!
I am not really into white bread but I really liked this bread. i found when I had this in the house I made a lot more toast
If I am going to treat myself to white bread and I can find this at the store I am at, I will definitely buy it again.
I found this bread to be too chewy. I thought I would like it because I like a dense bread because it reminds me of the stuff my dad would bake when I was a kid. I did however enjoy the dusting on the outer crust.
It was very moist and tasty, but found it was way over priced.
This is okay, but I think I`ll stick to whole grain!
i have tried the dempster`s farmehouse homestyle bread i loved the taste of it it`s great for sandwiches and would reccommend it for consumers

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