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Great bread for flavour and nutrition
See lovers rejoice. This bread is great fresh as well as toasted. Holds foods well for sandwiches. Seeds aren’t overwhelming because they are tiny. Great slice size too. Great flavour!
Great texture
Really pleased with this one. Good mouth feel and I find it less dry than most breads. I love most bread but the seeds make this one stand out, we buy it regularly now from the grocery store.
Use everyday!
This is my everyday bread for toast. Love that there is no sugar added.
Flax seed
We love the flax seed bread buy it all the time. No other brand comes close.
Make the switch!
I purchased this bread when my daughters favourite kind wasn’t available. She’s 11 and picky so I was hoping for the best that she would like it. Surprisingly she loved it! She made me by 3 more bags and put them in the freeZer. She enjoys it as toast with butter and also for sandwich and garlic bread. A much healthier alternative for yourself and children compared to classic white breads!
ok bread
this bread was ok but i am not big on seeds for a person though who loves seeds it is perfect
This bread is too 'heavy' for my taste.
Although, I like the brand itself, I find this bread kind of chewy and heavy for my taste. I prefer a light and fluffy bread. This is quite the opposite but it is a very healthy bread.
Best bread
This is the best bread I eaten so far. Loved the fact it has chia seeds in it. It’s the bread that is actually good for health.
A really tasty bread
Dempster's 100% Whole Grain Bread with Chia is a tasty whole grain bread that is great for sandwiches. It is one of the few whole grain breads that I do not find dry and tasteless. This bread is actually quite soft and moist. It is excellent for sandwiches a d good as toast. I would definitely recommend this bread to anyone looking for a whole grain bread.
I love this bread , not only is it healthy but extremely filling . A good start to every morning breakfast .
Tasty, but did not go bad..
I purchased this bread so excited to try it! So delicious! I'm a big fan of chia and this bread hit the spot! However, I noticed that I forgot a few pieces of bread in the bag and it fell back behind items in my cupboard. When I was cleaning I found them, months after the expiration date, and they had zero mold on them.
Perfect bread
The only bad thing I have to say is that it is too small!!
Very good
I like all types of dumpsters bread but this one is one of my favs.
These breads changed my mind on whole wheat bread.
I buy only Dempsters breads now, love the variety in seeds and whole grains. Nice soft bread that is health for you !
I love how it taste fills u up quickly keeps u full for a few good hours

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