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Dempster's® 100% Whole Grains Seed Lover's Bread with CHIA
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Great bread and so healthy good for you. Definitely I would recommend.
Best in Bread
I love the Seed Lover's with Chia! Actually, who am I kidding? I love Dempster's bread period! The Seed Lover's with Chia is soft and nutty tasting. It makes a killer sandwich, for lunch or breakfast!
Great bread
Always good. I get it when it's available. It's a little more expensive but I think it's a healthier option than alot of breads out there. I like all their bread actually. it is one of the only breads my oldest child will eat.
Dempter's Whole Grain Bread with Chia Seeds
I love this product and new flavour combination. I only eat Dempster's bread because not only does it taste great and keep well, but it is made with quality ingredients that are only the best. I know this because my husband used to work there.
Love this bread! Great for freshly made sandwiches. Also makes yummy toast.
The Best!
Finally a high quality bread at an every day price! We love all the seeds and Chia takes it over the top in our family.
One of my go to breads
We love this bread. It is one of our go to breads ! It is very healthy for you! 5 stars
Not bad for grocery store
This bread is the only bread I'll buy in a grocery store when I can't get to a bakery. It's great because it's whole wheat has no artificial flavours or colours and has chia seeds. Chia seeds have all sorts of amazing nutrients.
Yes ya'll gotta buy this one mmmmmmm great for everything
Dempsters breads are delish!
Dempsters never fails to impress me with the quality of their breads. Love the chai in this bread. You gotta love texture in your breads though. Flavour is great and the bread stays fresh!
Tastes great!
I buy this bread for my mother all the time and she loves it. She perfect Dempsters whole grain over all breads. So I tried ones since my white bread was finished and surprisingly I loved it. Now I love to toast it with butter and have it with nutella. It’s a perfect combination. Loved it
I love this bread tastes so fresh I purchase this often great brand .
Dempster's 100% Whole Grains Seed Lover's with Chia
I have found my new favourite bread! I have always enjoyed Dempster's whole wheat bread but after trying it with seeds and chia (and no added sugar), I've found my go to! It's fresh, a little 'nutty' tasting and loaded with health benefits...and no added sugar. It tastes even better toasted with all natural almond butter. I will definitely be purchasing this on a regular basis.
Healthy and tasty
I like the taste and texture, especially the crust. Like most whole grain products it is a bit pricy but there is value for money. Once slide keeps me full for a while
This bread is mouth-watering good! Bonus: it's jam-packed full of nutrients!

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