Dial Healthy Moisture Soy & Almond Milk Body Wash

4.6 5 0 128 128 Give your skin a nourishing drink with this creamy wash enriched with soy and almond extracts.
Dial Healthy Moisture Soy & Almond Milk Body Wash


Love this product
I love an buy this product all the time...it's creamy and smell amazing!!
Smells soo good
Washes pretty good but smells amazing. I’ve tried lots of body washing solutions, and this on is on my top choices for its smelling.
Fresh Feeling
The acent on this product is right along with my favourites, the lather and cleanliness makes me feel refreshed and ready for the day
Almond Delight
This is a fantastic product. A little goes a long way. Just add a small drop on your loofah and the silky suds feel amazing in your skin. This body wash smells so good. Definitely recommend this product.
Bon nettoyant
J'ai acheté ce nettoyant et je l'aime bien. Il laisse une agréable odeur sur notre peau en plus de la garder hydraté.
Soft skin
I tried this product i like it, it smells wonderful almost like a tasty edible sweetness . Left my skin refreshed and i smelled amazing
Good smell
It has a good smell and is overall good not as skin friendly as I wished best to be paired with lotion
Don't Dry Your Skin
Soy and Almond on my healthy moisturizer body wash? It did not dry my skin at all, it soften my sensitive skin in elbow and hands, affordable and highly recommended to all.
Bon gel douche
Savon pour le corps quia une bonne odeur. J avais déjà acheté une autre odeur que j avais aimé et avec celle ci je n ai pas été déçue. Ne laisse pas de résidus et n assèche pas ma peau
Good for an affordable body wash.
It's not the greatest body wash out there, but for something affordable this is a solid pick. I find cheap body washes sometimes separate and have a weird texture, but this one is quite nice and doesn't have that issue at all. I didn't feel more moisturized then normal while using this but I certainly didn't feel like I had dry skin. I'm admittedly a bit picky with body wash and I spend a little more money on it to get something that feels good, but for someone on a budget this is an effective, inoffensive option that feels nice and works well.
Très bien
Il garde la fraîche et il a une bonne hodeu
I have sensitive skin, this body wash didn’t make my skin angry. It’s nice ano subtle scent wise, and feels really nice on the skin.
Smell amazing
I love this soap , smell good and don’t leave residue on your skin! Let your skin hydrated and healthy. I totally recommend it and you can find it for a cheap price
Smells good
I love the dial body washes. They are affordable and always nice on my skin. Hu by doesn't find this one too girly and he likes the scent of almond creaminess. The bottle is designed well, and you get a lot.
Almond Heaven!
This smells amazing! The smell intensifies in hot water as you lather yourself. You can see the silkiness on your skin, softer and smoother as you shower. This made my skin feel like silk, Dial is onto something here. ps- this is perfect for date night, the kind you spend in bed lol. Step out of the shower in this and you don't need to wear anything else ;)

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