Diet Coke Feisty Cherry

3.6 5 0 180 180 With Diet Coke naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry


Tasted like medicine
We tried the Diet Coke Feisty Cherry flavor and it was not good. It reminded me of cherry medicine and unfortunately, nobody touched the other cans. I do like the size of it but that's about it.
Cherry coke
I like’s refreshing drink for a afternoon break.
Very good
this coke is better than the normal deit cokes i love how it tasted like cherry too
Fake taste
I love diet coke but this just isn't very good. Tastes very artificial
Carbinated Cough medicine
So gross... its probably just me but brought be back to being sick as a kid and that Nasty cough syrup taste only carbonated so it felt as if it was gonna come thru my nose
Diet Coke
Love Diet cherry coke, the feisty wasn't much different but still great taste.
It taste good definitely better with some ice in a nice cold glass
We recently tried this in our household and it was a big hit with everyone. It doesn't taste too artificial and has a very smooth, cherry flavour. Would repurchase and recommend.
Diet coke
Omg the aftertaste in my mouth was horrible. It was a bitter...dry feeling like I had just eaten aspartame. Sorry not a fan of this at all!
Great diet/ no cal beverage
I LOVE cherry coke but always prefer a sugar free alternative. This is like the classic cherry coke with a nice kick. Definitely would recommend. I love the size of the can too, I find it hard to finish a full sized can sometimes so these are perfect
Feisty must mean chili pepper?
A friend gave me a partial case of this to try. She really likes it and wanted to share with me. The first can I had tasted good, but I was worried that I had some sort of reaction to it because my throat felt kind of weird. After much searching online, I discovered that there is a bit of chili in this pop. I assume that is where the 'feisty' part comes from. Once I knew what was going on, I enjoyed the rest of the case. My local Dollar Tree sells individual bottles of this flavour and I often grab one when I am there as a little shopping treat.
Tastes like medicine
I drink a lot of Coca Cola products and decided to give this a try hoping it would be as good as cherry coke but this just tasted like the cherry medicine you get as a child. won't be buying again.
Didn't care for this new product!
I generally drink only Coca Cola products so I decided to try this new product! Unfortunately I did not care for the taste of it...too much of a different taste than I am used too...I guess I will stick to the regular coke products!
Fizzy medicine
NO. Just no. The cherry flavour used in this combined with sweetener is your childhood cherry medicine nightmares being relived. And this is coming from a diehard Coca-Cola fan. Perhaps a fix would be cane sugar and a maraschino cherry flavour not this junk.
I think I have yet to find any beverage that is flavored with "cherry" to taste like medicine. This didn't disappoint, meds..yuk.

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