3.7 5 0 114 114 With Diet Coke naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry
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This is my favourite pop. The can is the perfect size. Easy to store and doesn’t take as much space as regular cans. The taste is popping. It leaves a bit of a fizzle on your tongue. Love the cherry 🍒 flavour.
Cherry is always good!
I really like the regular cherry coke so I thought I would try this one too. Unfortunatly, it was not as good. It still has a delicous cherry flavour but something about the diet part makes it a bit bland.
Le mélange des saveurs ne m'a aucunement plu. Le goût est carrément déplaisant et la cerise n'est pas reconnaissable.
Soo good!
Great flavour! only complaint is the can size is to small!
Nope missed it diet coke
Could have done better considering the strawberry mango and blue berry diet cokes are amazing cherry which I would normally really like you fell short And it s not a winner for me I remmomend mango or the blueberry Avis of the strawberry for great compliments and tastes but cherry was nothing special could have been way better disappointing
Cherry wow
I really liked the cherry taste it was probably the best Diet Coke that I tasted
Feisty cherry...
I usually drink diet soda and purchased this as a little treat/something different. The flavour is interesting, kind of tart and oddly, a little spicy. For me I would’ve preferred a little bit of a sweeter taste and still prefer the more classic cherry flavour. I wouldn’t purchase this, but I am interested in trying some of the other flavours in this line.
Not crazy about
I love regular cherry coke and when I saw diet cherry I had to try it. Big disappointment . It really taste artificial and has a funny aftertaste, but maybe its just me.
Old School Cherry Cola
So good - that aftertaste we love from diet and the cherry is really good.
A refreshing Tate to a favourite
Love my Diet Coke , I’m a diabetic and once I saw that coke had this flavour I had to get it. It’s refreshing for the summer with a twist of lime . Also during the holidays celebrating with friends and family
This is a great refreshing cold treat. The taste is satisfying. The only downfall is it's quite expensive and the cans are small.
Feisty & Fantastic!
I loved this! It was exactly what I was hoping for! It had this fantastic tart cherry flavour rather than tasting like soda with Popsicle flavours in it!
Pas pour tout le monde
Personnellement je n'ai vraiment pas aimé le goût de ce produit.
Review of Feisty Diet Cherry Coke
Cherry cola is my favourite soft drink flavour. I wanted to try this for that reason alone. Then friend tried it and described it as "oddly spicy." Well, then I HAD to try it, to see what he was talking about. I finally found it in the grocery store one day. My friend was correct, there was a tonne of some spice (cinnamon, maybe?) in this drink. I was glad I had bought only one bottle and hadn't saddled myself with an entire case (or half case) of the stuff. I was not a fan and will just stick with my regular cherry cola, thank you very much
Not a fan
I'm a true diehard regular coke fan but I decided to give this a try. It was meh. First off I think they should make regular flavours, don't know why they picked diet. I wouldn't purchase again.

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