3.7 5 0 133 133 With Diet Coke naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
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tried it, but I prefer classic cherry coke
Why does the cherry need to be feisty, just seems to make it cost more. I can't get Diet Cherry Coke where I live, but I get this version which is more expensive. Coke needs to stick to the classics.
tastes good i like it but dont buy it to often too pricey dont think i ever sen it on sale
It is refreshing to have great flavour diet options for diabetics like myself .
Little bit of spice!
I like this pop alot. I like the little bit of burn I get in my throat from the spicy cherry flavor. What I do not like is the price compared to regular diet coke, even regular cherry coke is much cheaper.
LOVE the Feisty Cherry Diet Coke!
I wish this was available a long time ago. Great taste!! It was a refreshing change to my normal choice of just regular Diet Coke. I wouldn't make any improvements! I just by more and share with everyone!!
OVERPRICED and small size
costs too much for what it is.nice flavor though..if ya like cherry coke
the aftertaste is kind of weird. i prefer the OG diet coke
Little too much spice!
I love the flavor for the most part. I do find the spice a little much. It's a little too picky on my tongue.
Love the cherry flavour
Diet Cherry Coke is one of my favorite drinks on the planet. It really quenches my thirst. I love the way the can looks. It is very stylish and trendy. The way it looks makes it even more inviting to pop the tab and drink it. Diet Coke is great as well, but the added cherry taste is so delicious.
C’est vraiment artificiel comme goût, trop sucré, ça goûte le médicament
The bubblely of the pop in your mouth
It was a nice drink for a nice hot summer day. I like the taste and feel of the bubbles in my mouth. I really like the taste the most. I think there needs to be more cherry in the drink. I would recommend this product.
Love it!
I am a high cherry coke fan, so I was really excited to try this product. It's delicious! The touch of spice works really well with the cherry flavour, so it's not overwhelming. I will definitely continue to buy this product.
This is my favorite flavour. Taste like a cherry coke but more cherry flavour
Strange aftertaste
There is a strange aftertaste, I am hoping they will adjust the formula based upon customer feedback.
Not so Cherry
The can is great, the amount of the beverage is just right however it does not really taste like Cherries.

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