3.7 5 0 137 137 With Diet Coke naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
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Pas pour tout le monde
Personnellement je n'ai vraiment pas aimé le goût de ce produit.
Review of Feisty Diet Cherry Coke
Cherry cola is my favourite soft drink flavour. I wanted to try this for that reason alone. Then friend tried it and described it as "oddly spicy." Well, then I HAD to try it, to see what he was talking about. I finally found it in the grocery store one day. My friend was correct, there was a tonne of some spice (cinnamon, maybe?) in this drink. I was glad I had bought only one bottle and hadn't saddled myself with an entire case (or half case) of the stuff. I was not a fan and will just stick with my regular cherry cola, thank you very much
Not a fan
I'm a true diehard regular coke fan but I decided to give this a try. It was meh. First off I think they should make regular flavours, don't know why they picked diet. I wouldn't purchase again.
Leaves You Wanting More!
I love this flavourful and fizzy drink. And the bubbles makes settle my stomach. The tasty is zesty and I normally like to have more than one tin because I love it so much! I would recommend this product and am super excited to drinking more myself soon!
Not big on Diet Coke
Not big on the Diet Coke flavour but if your into Diet Coke you might like it, I would recommend to at least try It out
Diet Coke Cherry ....middle of the road
I have drank diet pop for four decades, so I feel my opinion valid. This is nicer tasting then regular Diet Coke but no where as enjoyable as Cherry Coke Zero.
Tastes really refreshing, I don't normally like coke but this is tastes great! Even my husband loved it. The thing I would improve would be to make bigger cases.
tried it, but I prefer classic cherry coke
Why does the cherry need to be feisty, just seems to make it cost more. I can't get Diet Cherry Coke where I live, but I get this version which is more expensive. Coke needs to stick to the classics.
tastes good i like it but dont buy it to often too pricey dont think i ever sen it on sale
It is refreshing to have great flavour diet options for diabetics like myself .
Little bit of spice!
I like this pop alot. I like the little bit of burn I get in my throat from the spicy cherry flavor. What I do not like is the price compared to regular diet coke, even regular cherry coke is much cheaper.
LOVE the Feisty Cherry Diet Coke!
I wish this was available a long time ago. Great taste!! It was a refreshing change to my normal choice of just regular Diet Coke. I wouldn't make any improvements! I just by more and share with everyone!!
OVERPRICED and small size
costs too much for what it is.nice flavor though..if ya like cherry coke
the aftertaste is kind of weird. i prefer the OG diet coke
Little too much spice!
I love the flavor for the most part. I do find the spice a little much. It's a little too picky on my tongue.

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