4.7 5 0 151 151 Dove Advanced Care Invisible Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant Sheer Fresh provides 48 hours of antiperspirant wetness & odour protection.
Dove Advance Care Invisible Sheer Fresh Stick Antiperspirant
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Awesome Antiperspirant
I love this antiperspirant. It goes on clear, smells great and keeps my armpits smelling good for many hours. I even use this antiperspirant when I am working out and it keeps me feeling fresh.
Invisibly protective and fresh!
Dove has always been my favourite deodorant to use. They always smell fresh, crisp and clean. I apply it in the morning and I smell so fresh all day long. I love the fact that it applies clear so that there aren't any white marks.
Amazing Results
I love the packaging, it seems to ergonomically fit into my hand perfectly. The scent is so light and fresh and the scent is revive lemon verbena pomegranate. Goes so well together! It worked really well for me and my pits. My underarms skin is soft and has no bumps or any irritation whatsoever. No white marks on my clothes either! It held me over for 48H as I took a day off from showering and no BO! Very pleased with this! The only thing is I wish there was no aluminum.
My go to
Dove is my go to! Very gentle on your skin (so much so that you can apply right after shaving) and does it’s job! Love dove it’s the only brand I use!
Great deodorant
Dove deodorant has been my favorite for years now, it's great if you have sensitive skin. Dove product are also hydrating. I have used other deodorant over the years and I always go back to Dove.
Best one
This so far has been the best deodorant i've used on my sensitive skin. It does not bother me after wearing it all day, and does not leave a residue feeling when washing it off in the shower. Great scent, and no white marks
Je me sert de se désodorisant depuis un certain temp Fai ma journée
love that it is very fresh and lightly scented
I haven't been much of an avid deodorant user until recently as I haven't been much of the sweating type until recently and often found the fragrance of many deodorants on the market to be too fragranced! I was pleased this one was only lightly fragranced with a hint of cucumber and smelled very fresh. I was a bit wary of the 48hour claim, but to my surprise, it held up quite well on a hot summer's day!
Really does dry clear
I have actually switched to this product as my main deodorant. It sweat a lot even when it's not too hot but I was able to wear sleeveless shirts and tanks because of it. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for something that you can wear with you lbd or tanks.
This is the best women's deodorant out there wouldn't switch if you paid me
Really invisible
Most deodorants, or antiperspirants, leave nasty stains on your clothing. Especially if you tend to perspire slightly. However this new Dove antiperspirant is the best I've ever tried. It's truly invisible. No stains ever found. I've been using regular Dove deodorant and antiperspirant for a number of years. Not going back to the regular stuff. Will only use the invisible. Really good stuff.
Pas assez fort pour moi
J'ai essayé mais ne tient pas assez longtemps pour moi. Donc n'est pas bon pour toute les femmes.
Not bad
Have used this product in the past, as it's dove, always has great smells. Not even surprised by that! To call it invisible though.... I wouldn't. I did find it leaves a bit of residue but it does do its job and keeps them BO smell at bay !
so bomb
used this for years, baby powder scent is my fave.
Great Antiperspirant
I have purchased Dove deodorant/antiperspirant multiple times, and never had a bad experience with it. I'm one of those unlucky people who sweat pretty much all the time, and if it wasn't for this product I would probably have unpleasant odor quite often. I really enjoy the scent which is not overpowering at all. It doesn't leave white marks on my clothes nor leave yellow ish stain. I enjoy long lasting effect and it also makes me sweat less.

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