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Good Dove product!
It is a great antiperspirant, keeps me fresh the entire day. The only thing I didn’t like was the super strong scent. It is way too much!! Anytime I lift my arm I can smell the strong scent. If you can’t stand strong scents stay away from it.
j'aime beaucoup
j'aime vraiment beaucoup, senteur et rafraichissant
Convenient and it works
This is definitely convenient and great for freshening up on the go, or when you only need a light amount of protection. The only advice I would have is to apply it in a different room from where you are getting ready, because the spray lingers a bit.
I purchased this, because of the brand name being renowned for skincare products. At the time, I had developed underarm sensitivity, this antiperspirant was cool (cold) putting on. For me, It was beneficial (at the time, to soothe), but the residue it left, was not. I dont know if it was user error, or the product, but I was expecting more.
Awesome Product
This is the only spray that I've used for about 2 years now. I absolutely love that it doesn't leave any white marks on my clothing and you can't even see when you put it on, but you can smell it all day! It for sure works and I don't even feel my armpits sweat anymore!
Dove beauty antiperspirant
This antiperspirant works really well. It also snells nice
So one morning I got up and went to get ready for the day, seeing as we were heading our for errands that morning, I figured I'd just throw in some dry shampoo and be good to go. Well that wasn't so much the case seeing as I reached for this product instead, and was left with greasier hair than what I had started with. After a bit of time frantically trying to figure out why my hair looked like it hadn't been washed in over a year, I finally figured out my mistake... it wasn't dry shampoo I had put in my hair *facepalm*#sleepdeprivedmom. So I corrected myself and used this spray correctly, the great thing about this is product is that I had no residue as you unfortunately commonly see with other products, but I did not find it to be a long lasting effect in terms keeping the smell at bay. So needless to say, I do not recommend as a dry shampoo. But I would recommend other people to give this product a try if they intend to use it correctly.
My feedback
I wanted an antiperspirant that wont leave white Marks on my clothes and this particular product did..love the smell though, it also kept my armpit dry since an not a big fan of roll on
Not what I expected
I bought this for myself, as I wanted to try an antiperspirant that doesn't leave build up or marks on clothing. I truly was expecting more from this though (or should i say less), as the smell is SO over powering that its hardly bearable. I ended up switching back to my regular brand.
Best ever
Ever since I switched to this deodorant,does what it says, smells good, very light, Sometimes leaves something on your clothes, just being honest, has this happened to anyone else, it changed my grey shirt too a brown weird color and washing didn't come out? Weird, but from that little misshap, still amazing, everyone should buy
Not flaky
I love the Dove products. This product does not leave a flaky residue under your arms like some. Goes on even and nicely. Some scents are stronger then others. But overall one of the better spray products.
excellent product
this has to be one of the best déodorants I have tried, used to use Mitchum because of the lasting power but this deodorant works the same plus has excellent odor which I have tried in several scents, will not go back. The price is good especcially when they put them on sale I buy a couple.
Très efficace et très bonne odeur et surtout ne tâche pas mes vêtements il dure vraiment longtemps.
Love it
It’s a great product ! I use it now daily. It last me as long as a normal deodorant stick. I think it’s lighter and less heavy on the skin than using a deodorant stick ... It’s how I could explain it I guess!
best antiperspirant
it was the best product i have tired it felt dry and was very easy to apply

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