4.5 5 0 220 220 Rebalance body wash with nutrium moisture. Plum & sakura blossom scent.
Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
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Very unique scent
This body wash was amazing. It has a very unique scent that I have not seen in other brands. It is true to the dove name and leaves your skin very soft and clean. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family!
good product, on l'utilise et aime beaucoup la senteur
Smells great
We love using this at home. It's affordable and have lots of variety of scents. It leaves our skin clean and soft and very easy to wash off. The only thing is I wish it would be a pump bottle instead.
Love the smell
Love the smell. Leaves my skin feeling soft and moist after my shower.
Gentle body wash
I love the wide variety of scents available for this line of body washes as it makes purchasing a new one an exciting venture! The wonderful scent of the body wash adds to the experience and helps me relax. Dove's body washes are always so moisturizing and are especially great during the dry winter months.
Nice scent and gentle body wash
I like the scent and I like that the body wash is not irritating on my sensitive skin. I like the bottle too. It is easy to open.
One of the best
Love the smell and it leaves you feeling fresh and clean, no residue and did i mention i love the smell
Great product!
Leaves your body clean and smells wonderful! Has ingredients in it that leaves your skin feeling soft, and smooth.
Nice & Clean!
I tried this body wash a few months ago and really loved how it left my skin so clean with no gross feeling left after washing it away! It smells great too! <3
Dove body wash
Excellent scent and feel to the product on my skin but it hardly larthers and therefor have to use a lot of the product at once. Not a good value for the money.
Smells great
This soap is very nice. It smells very good. And it does leave you feeling clean and moisturized. Also gives you a nice scent. I'm just bothered by the fact that you need a loofah or cloth to make it soapy, and it is not cruelty free unfortunately.
The best body wash! I sometimes try other brands if they're on sale, or look appealing, but I always go back to my Dove - so fresh and clean!
the best body wash. Dove is the only one i shower with. it smells amazing and leaves my skin fresh, soft and moisturized,
Your skin feels soo soft and smooth after using it! It comes in a variety of scents and most of them are wonderful. Its my go to body wash.
This feels wonderful on the skin, you gel clean and fresh and if you have dry skin you'll love how nourishing it is. All the scents are great too very subtle but nice.

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