4.5 5 0 140 140 Non-irritant antiperspirant. 48 hours of powerful protection.
Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Non Irritant Anti-Perspirant Stick
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My husband and son like this product it is a great scent and leaves them fresh and goes on smoothly
Great product
My son uses this all the time. Loves it. I love the scent. Works very well
An anti-perspirant that works!
It is a great product with good fragrance. It really works as an anti-perspirant. It also is not irritating on the skin(normal skin type). I am not sure of the 48 hrs protection but I would definitely recommend it as a great anti-perspirant.
last for longer than 48 hours
At first, I was hesitant to buy a stick antiperspirant, not gel, but it lasted for longer than 48 hours and smells great.
Good product from a good brand. Not my first choice of deodorant but now and again i treat myself to this one for a change. Nice smell, no irritation and keeps the sweat to a minimum, really what you need in a deodorant.
I’ve bought this a few times for my husband and he seems to like it. It’s similar price and quality to other brands he likes (axe old spice) . I would recommend this product! Especially if it’s on sale
Love the fragrance
My husband uses this deodorant, and I love the way he smells after using it.
Finally a deoderant that works!
My husband is super picky when it comes to deodorants! He loves this one and refuses to stray! Thank you!
Staying fresh
Smells amazing and works very well all day long. Doesnt irritate my sons skin, and is one of the better brands that work the best for the price. It's very affordable and a brand that I trust to keep him smelling fresh.
I don’t use this but my boyfriend does and it’s amazing. I love the smell and it says all day!!!!! Even after the gym! It’s like I want to smell ur man!
This is the only product my husband will use and believe me it works, he works hard and there is never an odour there, When he applies it after his shower he smells great, He is usually sensitive to all products but he is ok using this one
Like all Dove products, the quality is there. The packaging is minimal and the product stays on well enough. I prefer to use this in winter as in the summer I find it lessens in effect.
Hubby has had bad experience getting rashes from other brands of anti-perspirants. This is product smells lovely, keeps him smelling fresh and doesn't cause any irritation on his sensitive skin. It is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin!
My boyfriend wont use any other anti-perspirant, other ones have given his a rash in the past. Smells great and really lasts. available everywhere which is really convenient!
My husband loves this product. He does not want to use anything else.

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