4.5 5 0 140 140 Non-irritant antiperspirant. 48 hours of powerful protection.
Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Non Irritant Anti-Perspirant Stick
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I buy this for my husband and he likes it and smells good.
Bought this for one of my teenagers! He like the smell and I liked that he didn't stink at the end of the day! (lol) I always use Dove products and will continue to
My husband tried this and said it's great! Will be buying again.
My husband loves these! I think they smell amazing too. They're very gentle on the skin, important for active people.
My husbands new favorite brand. Says that it smells fresh, great price and works. He had a brand he used for years....I can't believe he has switched!
I've had to use this product when I've run out of my own antiperspirant and it worked really well! My boyfriend buys it every time.
My husband likes this product. Works well and is a great scent.
my husband uses this all the time as i love my Dove product he even uses the dove body wash for men also
My husband loves it. It's the only product that doesn't burn his skin.
Works great keeps you dry. Would Recommend It to friends
I purchased this for my son he likes it a lot uses it every morning it's not over powering like some of the products on the market.
My husband tried this. It smells good. Seems to be about the same as most other good brands as far as effectiveness and duration.
My husband is not impressed with this. It didn;t last more than a day. Smelled nice though.
I do not use this product, but both my husband and son uses it,they works are its great and lasts for hours,I use most of the other products, like the shampoo,conditioner,soap etc,they are soft on my skin and hair.
My husband loves the scent and how well they work... I love the scent too.. (shhh just don't tell him)

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