4.7 5 0 212 212 Turn your daily shower into a pampering moment with this light and airy lavender shower foam.
Dove Purely Pampering Relaxing Lavender Shower Foam
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Smells so good!
If you haven't experienced the amazing effects this product produces, you my friends are missing out. This particular line from Dove is exceptional. The fragrance alone will persuade you up until you feel how soft and smooth it leaves your skin feeling after only one single use. I am completely in love with this whole line with this certain fragrance being my top choice. Each of the other fragrances hold their own individual properties that each offer benefits to your skin depending on what results your looking to expect. Every different choice has specific benefits targetted to specific areas for exact results in those areas, as there are so many different skin types and problem areas to cover. I believe that Dove has successfully supplied coverage of all aspects with this specific brand, I invite anyone that reads this review to take the time to find, purchase and use this product. It will speak for itself, well worth it. It's my first choice.
Amazing !
Dove never disappoints me with their products. I love all of Dove's products. It's super affordable, is a brand that I can trust and a brand that works really well for me. It smells sooo good and leaves my body feeling super clean and refreshed.
Love this !
I love the smell, the softness of my skin. It’s not overpowering but it’s also not too faint.
Softer skin
This is a great body wash. Great lather!! Smells heavenly and you can usually get it on sale at a great price. Good for the whole family 👌
Nice smell
I was surprised how it smell! I wish I can take shower forever!
Smells so good!
Very creamy bodywash and it smells great! Highly recommend this product because a little bit goes a long way!
Relax while moisturizing
This product smells great and offers a relaxing multi purpose. Helps to relax,clean your body with great moisturizing properties
Good job Dove. The scent is so nice and refreshing. I will keep purchasing Dove products they never disappoint me. My skin always feels soft after my showers.
J'adore l'odeur de lavande alors dans mon gèle de douche c'est super. Un parfum relaxant.
Love Dove. This shower gel leaves your skin clean a silky, unlike other washes that leaves your skin clean but dry. The scent is not overly strong but leaves a nice scent.
No thanks
I really dislike the smell of lavender I find it disgusting so this just was not for me
I liked it
I truly like this product. When I purchased it, I wasn't sure, but then I tried it and liked the fact that it leaves my skin feeling very clean and non greasy which is very important.
Moisturizing and calming
I’m a great fan of Dove and when I tried this it felt quite different. Love the scent, lavender is so calming. Looking forward to using it in the foam bottle.
I have been using Dove Body wash for the past 4 years, but always purchase the same fragances. In my last purchase I gave a chance for this and love it! My skin responds very well to Dove, keep it hydrated and soft
Dove Purely pampering relaxing lavender
I love all the Dove products I have tried and this is no exception. At the end of the work day the luxurious soft foam cleans, relaxes the mind, muscles and leaves me feeling fresh enough to start the day again.

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