Dove Ultracare Weightless + Volume Conditioner Foam

4.7 5 0 32 32 Lightweight foaming and volumizing conditioner for fine hair; this foam gives conditions fine hair without weighing it down and leaves hair appearing nourished and smooth. Helps to instantly volumize and detangle fine hair and is formulated with our lightest level of Micro-Conditioning Complex technology.
Dove Ultracare Weightless + Volume Conditioner Foam


leaves hair soft without weighing it down
very good product! Since it's a mousse, I use more of it then regular conditioner. But I think it'll last a while since there's a lot of product in the can
an okay product
it does its job, but the smell was too strong for me.
Good product Good product Good product Good product
Safe and Effective Purchase
This mousse works very well at volumizing hair without leaving it feeling weighted down, tacky, or "crispy". It kept my hair looking natural and feeling good, while holding its style. It's a common brand to find which means its a quick grab at your typical Walmart, drug store, Amazon, or even grocery store. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that I typically try to avoid as many chemicals as I can, and this doesn't quite meet my normally high criteria. Still a good backup for me when i'm in a pinch though, and I would recommend it to others.
I always look to dove for hair treatments. I like this conditioner quite a bit. I have hair that is impossible to deal with if I dont use conditioner or strong enough conditioner. The scent is pleasant and I will be purchasing again. My hair is soft and easier to detangle.
Love this
Can't do without this product anymore. Ever since I've tried it I can't stop using it. Not only was it weightless it kept my style for the following day as well. Love the smell too.
Can't do without!
This is always in my bathroom, it is a GIVEN! Makes my hair feel great! Smells good too.
Love this product
I have very fine hair , so products that don’t make my hair to heavy or greasy is hard to find . This is a perfect product for my hair !
Good for waves...
Good hold for wavy hair, does not add too much volume. Would recommend this product as it does not make your hair crusty like some other options out there.
great hold
i really liked this product for the styling hold. I have fine hair and this product worked for me.
Dove Ultracare Mouse conditioner
Very lightweight and non-fragranced makes this easy and effective to use every day when styling my hair. Just the right amount of hold and conditioning.
My new favourite conditioner
I have very fine hair and I’m very careful when applying conditioner. Too much and my hair is weighed down and lifeless. Too little and it’s a staticky mess- especially in the winter. With this conditioner I don’t have to worry about just getting it on the tips. It never weighs my hair down and doesn’t leave it greasy.
Sensitive skins go for it
It is light and grade free and does not make me break out
Loved using this conditioner. The foam was light and did not leave my hair feeling greasy or flat.
Dove ultracare
I love Dove products I buy them all the time I grew up using Dove products

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