Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Almond Oil Foaming Bath

4.8 5 0 46 46 Dr Teal's Foaming Bath transforms your bath into a relaxing spa with essential oils to soothe the senses, revitalize muscles, and help quiet the mind. Relieve and soften your dry skin with the natural hydrating power of shea butter and almond oil while relaxing in a warm bath. Natural essential oils are known for their ability to help soothe the skin and clear the mind.
Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Almond Oil Foaming Bath


Great to relax
Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Almond Oil Foaming Bath is my go to for relaxing sore muscles after a long day. It smells wonderful with lavish bubbles. Doesn’t leave a soapy film in the tub after draining. Would recommend.
No going back, this is it!
It lasts for a long time, I only take a bath once a month. Anyways it was on sale once and I decided to buy it and I will never use another product. It smells soo good in my bathroom and the lots of bubbles!
Just What The Doctor Ordered!
I absolutely love the scent and soothing feeling I experience sitting in a warm tub of these bubbles. My dry skin feels hydrated and silky soft while my senses are pampered by the wonderful aroma of Dr. Teals Shea Bubbles.
Better then most bubble baths
I really enjoy the relaxing fragrance of this bubble bath. My kiddos enjoy the amount of bubbles it creates. I try to find the most natural ingredients for my family and this one could do better but does fairly well! I know to create good bubbles you need some help from certain ingredients.
I really love dr teals bubble bath as it actually creates nice soft bubbles and it’s very relaxing! I do wish it had cleaner ingredients but they’re way cleaner than most brands of bubble bath!
I love this bubble bath. It doesn't leave me slimy and makes my skin soft. A little amount creates so many bubbles!
Love This
I love this bubble bath. It smells nice and didn’t break me out. I have sensitive skin and really have to be careful with what I use.
Relaxing Bath Time
I use this in two formats, in the bath as bubble bath and in the shower as a body wash. It is very moisturizing and smells amazing. I love the amount of bubbles it produces in the bath as it's not excessive.
Again and again
Love this product. I regularly buy it. It has a nice sweet scent and rich bubbles that last through out your bath. It’s easy to rinse off and leaves no dry residue. A must in my bath essentials.😊😊
Dr Teals foaming bath
Dr Teals is the most soothing product and I buy every scent I can find. Long lasting foam and relaxing scent of oils is the perfect way to unwind and soothe sore muscles.
Holy grail
I've been using Dr teals products for years. The bubble baths and epsom salts are a staple in my home. Great value and lasting scent.
Don’t use nothing but this brand
When it comes to baths dr teals has got you covered . I only use dr real bubble bath . It’s got something for everyone the essential oils are what makes it great
Very luxurious
You only need a little bit to get some great bubble bath action. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent is very nice and mild which is wonderful because I tend to be very sensitive to scented products.
Love using this at bedtime
This is one of my favorites to use. You don't need a lot.
Not bad
I can't use this as I am scent sensitive however my husband loves it. He uses the Dr. Teal Epsom salts as well with bubble bath and he is in heaven. Finds it really helps him relax and relieve achy muscles.

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