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Dyson 360 Heurist Robot Vacuum
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Amazing robot vacuum!
I am in love with the Dyson 360 Heurist Vacuum! This vacuum is very smart, it cleans my house and then returns back to its little home to charge its battery. It navigates my home very well and cleans in every space, and it cleans around furniture. I am very happy with its powerful suction, my floors are always sparkling clean now! I also love the modern design of the vacuum. I especially like that the vacuum is not noisy and the Dyson app has a feature to change the modes of the vacuum, like quiet mode or max mode. I also like that the vacuum has LED lights that turn on in the dark so it can vacuum at night! I found that the Dyson app is so helpful and very innovative. It's so convenient to start the vacuum with just tapping a button. I like that I can control the vacuum settings with an app. Overall, I would definitely recommend this amazing vacuum to anyone. It has made my life so much better and I am very happy with it!
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Lean, mean cleaning machine!
The Dyson Robot Vacuum has great cleaning power! I was pleasantly surprised how well the machine maneuvers around furniture, constantly adjusting itself and stopping itself before running into furniture or even baseboards. I was originally worried that it would keep hitting the baseboards and cause scuffs, but it stops just in time so that it still cleans to the edge of the room, but doesn't cause any damage to furniture or anything that may come in its' path. The machine is more powerful than I thought, that's great! This whole machine is a cleaning beast and quite impressive piece of technology. The built-in LED light is also great in some areas that have low light. The robot also does well adjusting to different flooring levels, like from the laminate floor onto the area rug, ensuring a deep suction for both surfaces. My only disappointment for the Dyson Robot Vacuum is the short battery life - it lasts about 20 mins on battery power, so I need to recharge to clean entire home.
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Phenomenal vacuum; phenomenal clean
There are so many things to love about the Dyson 360 Heuristic Robot Vacuum! Our floor types include carpet, area rugs, laminate, and ceramic tile. It easily moves from one flooring type to another. The noise level is less than a traditional vacuum but may prevent one from watching TV or such if the machine is in the same room. The suction power is unbelievable! Pros: superior cleaning suction; mobile app to start/stop cycle; able to schedule automatic start days and times; customizable suction settings for zoned areas; text notifications; stairs drop-off detection; heuristic learning ensures cleaning paths become more efficient and vacuum gets stuck less often; onboard lights to communicate status; onboard LED lights to illuminate areas for its “eye”; small docking station; extremely easy setup Cons: unable to specify zone to vacuum; no notification of full collection bin; unable to clean stairs; height prevents navigation under many furniture items; clunky support with Amazon Alexa
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Dysons suck...in a GREAT way!
My unit arrived late, therefore, didn't have as much time with it as I had hoped, but put it through it's paces in the time I had. Cleaned very well, right to the edges. My husband had recently cleaned using the central vac and the Dyson picked up even more! Works well in low light. Easily transitioned from flooring to carpet (area rugs). Easily went over room dividers (moulding piece) after assessing what was on the other side. We have some drop downs (sunken rooms) and I wondered how the unit would react to them. No worries whatsoever. Stopped before it took a dive and continued with the mapping. LOVE the three different cleaning modes. Mostly used quiet, but have gone through all three. App is a nice touch, but still trying to figure it out. Managed to schedule a cleaning time and off went my unit as programmed! I have two cats and it's nice to no longer see "tumbleweed" on the floors.
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Amazing Little Cleaning Machine!
I absolutely love this Dyson Robot Vacuum. It is an amazing little machine. It cleans really well which surprised me seeing how it is so small. It is a powerful little machine. I love the fact that it tries to get into every nook and cranny in my house. It tried several times to get under my sofa till it realised it just wasn't quite small enough. The suction on it is amazing. It really does a great job of getting everywhere and if it gets stuck it wiggles itself out and continues on it's way. I love the sensors on it that it can tell when something is in it's way and its gets as close to it without bumping into it. I love that when the charge is getting low it finds it's way back to the docking station to recharge (even if it takes a little bit to find it's way back). I really love the app and that I can control it and check where it has cleaned all from my phone. I like the fact that you can schedule it to clean even when you aren't at home. Amazing Machine!
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Dyson saves time
The Dyson Robot Vacuum easily cleans my floors and carpets. I appreciated having the Dyson app to check how much time it has been cleaning and the area it has cleaned. I can also control it to start and stop as I wish. I like that it's very easy to empty the see through dirt bin and maintaining the vacuum is simple as well. The vacuum does take some time to get all the areas of your room clean and can be a bit loud but it cleans well and I can get other things done while it vacuums my floors.
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A wonderful vacuum with powerful suction
I used the Dyson robot vacuum the first time and surprised to see the cleanliness. I never expected this type of stunning performance from a cordless robot vacuum. The beauty of this robot vacuum is a simple setup. I let the vacuum to scan the house for the first time and segmented the areas like kitchen hall way and bedroom in the app. Dyson link Android app feature is good. Pros. Battery life Low noise level HEPA filter Space saving design Multi-floor adaptable type LED lights with 360 camera module Cons. Dyson link app needs improvement. No google home support yet. Cannot use in the car. No attachments compatibility. Overall, this is the best vacuum for all kinds of floors. I definitely recommend this Dyson robot vacuum for anyone that is allergic to dust and love to keep the spaces always clean.
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Baby Blue
I got the vacuum on Thursday and tried it right away. I downloaded the app and connected it to the app. It was very easy to download and use it. I was able to control the vacuum with app and it was very interesting to see the cleaning area. The cleaning experience was amazing. The vacuum cleaned the whole house. I was following it at the beginning as I was so curious to see how it works. When the container was full i got notification on my phone that I need to clean it. When it when under the bed, the light turned on so vacuum can see where to go and what to clean. We named it "Baby Blue" and the whole family just fall in love with this vacuum. A few features stand out for me - the light, ability to stop when coming close to the edge of stairs, and going back to the starting point when cleaning is done. The vacuum has very strong suction and cleans very good. It cleans different areas - floors, carpets, tiles. Thank you for the great opportunity to try this amazing product.
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Vacuuming with Ease!
I love the freedom that this robot vacuum gives me. I live a pretty busy life and having time to vacuum tends to fall at the waste side. It takes a few uses before the vacuum learns the layout of your house but after it does, it's a breeze. At first it will bump into a few pieces of furniture and other things on the floor before it learns the layout of the room. I love how the floors are virtually cleaned for me with the push of a button. This vacuum is great on all surfaces, wood flooring, tiles and carpet but does gets stuck on some area rugs. The vacuum needs to be moved, picked up and a button needs to be pressed for the vacuum to begin again on it's journey. I've used it everyday since I received it and my floor looks great. Describe the overall cleaning experience. I really love that it has an app which helps with setting up the different areas of the home you want cleaned, putting the vacuum on a timer and changing the vacuum from maximum to quiet mode.
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Very cool and smart Vac..easy to use
This is a very compact little device...its nice looking...I enjoyed setting up this and putting it to the test...it is easy to set up..very simple to use...i really like how this robot vac will return to the charging doc when it needs charging..very smart...I also like the app..and was able to be upstairs and use the app to start the robot to clean..when i went down it was busy cleaning...so cool !!..........Over all its a very cool and smart vacuum...would have been better if battery power was longer, I could only get about 30 mins cleaning time from it..also found it to be a bit slow in moving to clean...it takes a long time to go thru a room...another good feature is how it uses its own light when it gets into dim areas....thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this products.
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Love the product
I love this robot vaccum cleaner I sit and relax it clean my house automatically
I want one!!
My aunt purchased this vacuum. It is amazing. Great product that keeps hardwood and tile floors clean at all times. We set it everyday before my aunt goes out for coffee. By the time she gets home, floors are done!!
Good stuff
It worked alright but you get a good laugh watching this thing move around your house
click of the fingers
i can't believe how awesome this is..it cleans everything up off floor,dead bug to animal hair,etc....and it moves fast and efficient..a machine that can replace the everyday cleaner,(women).lol,,it stops,doesn't fall down the stairs,goes under beds and when done returns to base..so have a cup of coffee or a drink of wine and put your trust in this machine..easy to clean,dump the dirt,and if any jewelry on floor,well you don't have to sift through a dirty filter bag..i love it
I would buy this product in a second. The suction power is just incredible.

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