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Dyson Big Ball Origin Canister Vacuum
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Dyson Big Ball Origin Canister Vacuum
I love that the Dyson Big Ball Origin... a) can easily be used to effectively cross over from carpeting to hardwood flooring, without changing the hose head attachment, provided that you are not trying to vacuum up large particles; b) has its attachments conveniently stored on the hose handle; c) is more environmentally friendly, due to its lack of filters and bags; d) works well on fabric, to remove pet fur; e) has a retractable cord.
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Not your traditional vacuum
This vacuum is so good at picking up all the microscopic dust. My mom loves the easy way it can be maneuvered into nooks and crannies, under chairs and bed with ease due to the ball giving good leverage of handle. I give not 5 star because this does not oick up bigger things like tissue paper or popcorn. It makes the popcorn into small bits and made a mess more. It's so easy to empty which is great as its mess free. I also don't like that it does not stand on its own. The ball os bulky and heavy goor concept but it would be best if cleaning handle csn be mounted on ball for easy storage.
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A for Dyson Big Ball
Things I REALLY appreciate.  It is lightweight to use and carry around, which is essential for an older person or someone with chronic pain.  Not only did the vacuum remove car fur with ease, but the carpet looked so clean like it was brand new.   While I have had other machines in the past (Filter Queen, Hoover, Dirt Devil) this is the most powerful machine I have ever seen or used.    When I used it on a small entrance rug, it practically lifted the rug off the floor. This vacuum is powerful beyond expectation.  There is no way I would have known about this wonderful vacuum cleaner had it not been for the HTC allowing me to try it out.  Now I know why Dyson has such a good reputation. It comes with various attachments for different needs and you can pull the plug out as much as needed then click a button to easily snap it back.
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Dyson Big Ball Origin
I was thrilled to receive a Dyson Big Ball Origin to test! I have multiple types of flooring in my home, and it performed fantastic all carpet, ceramic, and laminate. I have an ever shedding border collie, and cleaning is usually a task. This dyson machine makes quick work of everything. I have a dark carpet that shows the dog hair, and is a lot of work to get clean. The dyson picked up the dog hair in a couple of swipes. On the ceramic, and laminate I can see the dog hair being drawn to it. I also have carpeting in the bedrooms that always keep that piece of fluff, that I go over and over again, and end up picking it up by hand. The dyson picks it up in one pass! One thing I was really happy with was the reach! The extension is amazing! I was able to clean all the cobwebs from the ceiling, and all the crevasses around the walls, with out reaching, or bending! When you are done, the hands free clear bin empty feature is handy.
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Great suction, easy to use.
I am extremely impressed with this Dyson vacuum cleaner. It has very strong suction and picked up what my other vacuum had left behind on both my floor and carpet, including pet hair. This vacuum is very easy to put together and take apart, change attachments and store. The handle is ergonomic, sturdy and very comfortable to hold. The bagless canister along with a removable washable filter is environmentally friendly, and easy to access. The pivoting ball on the main attachment is amazing - vacuuming in tight spaces is a breeze (not stiff or rigid like most other vacuums). The power and cord retraction buttons are very accessible. I'm impressed with the auto shut off feature should the unit get clogged, preventing the motor from overheating. The 5 year warranty on this Dyson is amazing. It is an extremely well built and designed product.
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Over all a very good. Excellent cleaning
My overall experience was very good, It really leans down to the bottom. I tested a carpet with my old vacuum and compared to the Dyson you can literally see the difference in the clean carpet. I really like the washable filter, the rotating heads of the joints and the ease of cleaning the brush. I like that I can empty the dust using one hand. Its easy to move around and the suction is very strong. The technologies that were innovative were the extension with a button and the rotating head which made it easy to reach difficult areas. Great Piece of technology to help keep you home clean and allergen free.
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Amazing vacuum all around. 9-10
Amazing cleaning experience! Some how the want attachment makes suction with the floor, meaning I was able to clean the cracks in the hardwood floors. It definitely works on all surfaces (I tested) Extreme suction and no loss, also tested. I don't see any vacuum on the market being this good. The fact I can bring it anywhere and it is super light is a huge benefit. Cleaning and maintaining is very easy.
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Dyson Big Ball™ Origin Canister Vacuum
I vaccmed my home yesterday with my regular old vaccum...I thought my floors were clean but, after using the Dyson Big Ball™ Origin Canister Vacuum now I can honestly say...MY FLOORS ARE CLEAN!! I was immediately impressed with everything from the design aspect, to the quick cord release and the ultimate suction power! This is machine is INCREDIBLE! I absolutely love it.
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Awesome, Powerful, Sleek looking Vacuum!
This unit is awesome! It has great suction and performs well. I have heavy shedding dogs and this vacuum worked well under pressure. I like the design of this unit! The only thing that this unit was missing was a good stair attachment.
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Love this vacuum!!!
I love this vacuum!!! works on tile, carpet, wood, you name it! Awesome how the canister doesnt get tangled in the cord and is always upright. The attachments that come with it make cleaning so much easier for those hard to reach spots like dust in the corners, ceilings and in between! you can also register the product to get free additional attachments sent to you for even more cleaning fun (and ease!). Highly recommend this product for everyone!
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I love this! So easy to use!! Cleans up in no time! Easy to empty and maneuver around the house , I love how I can make the hoses longer or shorter! You will not go wrong if you buy this product
By far the most powerful Vacuum in household
There is a a lot of hair in my house. Wife has long hair and daughter has long hair. If I don't vacuum the carpets on a weekly basis the carpet would be matted with hair. The Dyson vacuum is by far the most powerful vacuum I have ever used. Hands down.
Light and powerful
My Dyson DC46 Turbinehead is great vacuum for someone that is looking for a compact vacuum that can be taken apart for easy storage. The DC46 works great on carpets, hardwood, laminate or tiles. The attachments are easy to use and can be attached to the unit itself. I noticed that the canister can sometimes be difficult to place back on. I have learned from owning a Dyson that if for any reason the vacuum is not working, it means that you need to clean the filter. The filter in this unit is easy to remove and it will require a few days for it to dry fully. I love my DC46 and hope it lasts for as long as it can. Dyson overall is a great company that stands behind their products. Their customer service is amazing!
Worth every penny
It picks up dirt I didn't know existed. It is light weight, easy to get around the house wen cleaning. It also looks neat too. They could make it a little easier to clean it out.
I am a HUGE fan of Dyson vacuums
I don't think there is a better vacuum available. Not having to deal with bags is a definite plus but just overall a Dyson vacuum is worth the extra cost. Very powerful suction, durable and long-lasting,

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