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The little vacuum that could!
When I received the email that I was selected and that it would be coming in the next few days, I started vacuuming my house. I always knew my vacuum wasn't the greatest, but I had to prove it! I received the Dyson Vacuum, read the instructions, put it together and started cleaning. I started by vacuuming my front door carpet area. The amount of sand (from the summer), salt and other debris that was in this carpet was unbelievable. It filled up half the canister! We're a family of six, 4 kids, 3 of them girls with very long hair, and myself of course. The amount of hair that floats around our house is just incredible. We need to dry mop our floors daily and then vacuum up the mess. Well, with the Dyson Cordless Vacuum, it did it all in one shot! This has to be my favourite feature. I also used the torque drive head and that is one powerful tool! It handles the change from flooring to carpeting with ease! The only thing I wish all the cleaner heads had was a light.
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Amazing suction with satisfying results
The Dyson Absolute V11 is nothing short of a beauty packed with power. I throughly enjoyed using it on several surfaces. The soft roller cleaner head glides smoothly on hardwood&tile floors and maneuvering is such a breeze. Three power modes are handy when you have stubburn dirt or hair stuck in between floors by changing to Boost, and reverting right back to EcoorMedium with a simple touch. High Torque cleaner head is a blessing when cleaning a large carpet area with flooring without changing heads as it automatically adapts its power and floor types. Love the LCD screen. Very informative displaying remaining runtime, blockage and filter maintenance. I have used the Dyson Absolute V11 on previously cleaned (using different brand vacuum) and the DysonV11 was able to grab more dirt. The suction is so powerful. I was amazed that the V11 also sucked more dirt when set to other power modes. The filters are great against allergens. A great vacuum with satisfying results.
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Amazing and well designed vacuum!
This is my first time using a Dyson vacuum. I would like to say I'm AMAZED! Firstly, I loved the design and feel of the vacuum cleaner - once everything was on, it was a pretty and well-balanced vacuum. I also like the accessories for different situations and the holder to always have two of them on hand. Secondly, this vacuum grabs EVERYTHING! My first pass over the rug with the torque drive cleaner head sucked up so much pet hair and dirt that the canister was instantly full. My other vacuum cleaner never captured that much dirt. I used ‘Auto’ mode and I could definitely feel and hear that the suction was stronger over the rug than the hard wood - which is perfect as I don’t think I would have the time to keep shifting between the modes. I also like that on the screen on the base, it shows how much time I have left and based on the strength of the suction, you can see that the time left will change (rug vs hard wood). I don’t think I would ever go back to a regular vacuum cleaner.
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Cordless vacuum not best option for all.
Cleaning was fantastic. Immediate results due to powerful suction. Floors with carpets, wood and pet fur had a noticeable fresh clean look. Benefits: LCD screen tells you how much time is left. Change speed for desired suction. No tripping. Dirt in bin clearly visible. Bin easy to use. Automatic detection cleaning various floors. Lots of parts. Great you can choose which one you want to use for cleaning. Can use at home, cottage or lend to family. Negatives: Trigger button must be pressed entire time when on. Preferred on/off switch. Difficult to use. Due to weight of battery and having to press red button, can be tiring to use for long periods of time. Also due to its weight, not recommended for seniors or people with hand problems like carpal tunnel. 60 mins to use recharging for 5 hrs not practical. Can’t remove the bin to wash and keep clean. Dirt (pet fur and hair) did get stuck in the bin and I had to use my hands to manually take out the dirt to empty the bin in full.
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Dyson v11 Cordless Vacuum
The Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum is so much more mobile and lightweight than a regular cordless vacuum. The attachments cover all different types of surfaces, from hardwood to area rugs to ceilings to furniture. It's ability to clean pet hair off the furniture was amazing. Such a versatile machine. The battery life indicator and power modes are exceptional features in this product. It automatically adjusts power between carpets and floors. We used the Auto mode which automatically adapts power across floor types. Battery life is long lasting compared to other machines; you do not need to recharge during usage. The vacuum heads are smooth and soft and does not leave a mark on hardwood floors, which is a problem I had with my previous vacuum. The bagless feature makes it easy and quick to empty.
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Works Well
I really like the convenience of grabbing the vacuum and picking up a sudden spill. This is always charged and one use will last about 15 minutes. It has good suction and It's my go to for a quick job.
Tried it 2 years ago when doing some home care for a client,absolutely loved it . Had great suction,charge lasted never powered out.
Lightweight and versatile
Perfect vacuum for both flooring and carpets. Light for carrying up and down stairs. Loads of attachments for a types of jobs. Use it in my car as well.
Works Well
I have had this vacuum for over a year now and I love it. The convenience of not having a cord is amazing. I never realized how simple vacuuming could be before I bought this
Dyson V11
Dyson has done it again with their V11 hand held vacuum!!! I tried this at my aunt’s house and was blown away. My aunt is a middle aged lady with multiple health issues. This vacuum is just what she needed. It’s light weight and works quickly to clean up dust and dirt. I’ve never seen anything like it! Amazing
Perfect Kitchen Vacuum
We use this vacuum in the top level of our house, it's always plugged in and easily accessible. It does the job right and it's very quick and easy to use. No hassle what so ever. The only thing I think could be better is how long the charge lasts.
Best Vacuum
Received this vacuum as a wedding present. I live in a condo so not having a cord really changes the game. It also is extremely powerful and works perfectly. Very easy to clean and maintain. I have and will continue to recommend this product.
Dyson 10
The most amazing vacuum ever nothing more I can say every woman needs one.
I love my dyson! I have no complaints! They have awesome customer service too if anything breaks on the vacuum they had no issue with sending me a new part free of charge! Would definitely buy another one!
No better vacume
I have 3 cats and 1 Samoyed puppy and the hair is crazy around my house. The amazing suction and portability is simply unmatched. My only complaint would be a few different Colour options that’s it

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