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I mean it works but compared to the Dyson products it is not that powerful and I don't think it should be that price for what it is being received on the other end! when you press the max button I guess it starts working but it doesn't pick up hair and dirt like the animal Dyson one.
I really liked this vacuum it’s compact and easy to use. Unfortunately it seems to clog easily. I always make sure that anything big is picked up. Overall it is a good vacuum.
For totally clean floors and carpets use the Dyson vaccum
Great suction
Great suction but battery dies before I can complete vacuuming my whole house. You also have to be careful with where you store the vacuum as humidity effects it’s function. Dyson has amazing customer service though, and has resolved every issue we have had
Best vacuum
This is the best vacuum I've bought, it is worth every penny! I love because it's lightweight, it's easy to move around, and you get caught up by the cord!! Honestly this thing pays for itself.
Dyson v11 review
Best I have used..light weight,easy to carry up and down stairs.The cup is easy to empty and the storage is even easier.
It was very good. it is very easy to use and easy to handle I just felt like that..It was soft too It helps to remove all dirt very easily Its a perfect product yes
Good for a small apartment and everyday use. but only in this case.
Powerful and Functional
This is the better versions of the Dysons we have purchased and used in the past. Although pricey, they are worth it as they are super powerful, great suction power. Only issue I see is the battery life is short so be prepared to put it on charge in about 30mins max.
it works amazingly well! literally sucks everything up. i'm in an apartment so the charge lasts for the entire place and then some.
I love my Dyson, Living with a cat I vacuum every day I had problems with this item that would not hold the charge. they sent free parts still would not work so they sent me a new one with an upgrad
Quick touch up
It’s great for those in between days and staying on top of cleaning. Sucks just like my full size dyson.
Best brand
brand I trust, had my up right since 2006 the animal i So when they can out with a cordless hand held I had to have it. And I absolutely love it
Great vacuum
LUV IT! It works great. Definitely recommend if your looking for a vacuum that works well. I prefer stick vacuum’s. No improvements to be made.
this dyson is amazing works extremely better then a lot of them... highly recommend

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