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Great cleaning
Great cordless stick vacuum! A little pricey. But the deep cleaning is wonderful. Ease of use is even better, (which is why I selected this cordless vacuum)
Just My Luck
I did not get this vacuum for free from a trial, but i did get to use the one that my mother in law bought, for free. JUST MY LUCK... its apparently defective and for some absurd reason won't even suck up a Cheerio. Although fully charged it will only run for a matter of minutes and then begins to stutter and puff like an old car engine trying to ignite. This little white light starts flashing...making me feel as though I'm holding a time bomb and I either need to defuse it or run for my life... insisting there is a filter issue. I clean the filter, I clean the cannister, I even clean the hair off the beater bar but still nothing changes and I'm now in fear of breaking the machine by playing with it too much. I have to say aside from all that I really did enjoy the color and look and feel as well as the rotation and swivel head but unfortunately due to the defect was left no choice but to resort back to my broom and Swiffer Vacuume. I'm sure they work well when not defective.
The Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum was such a great addition to our house. My girlfriend and I currently have a Dyson, however it is not cordless, and is slightly more bulky. We own a dog & two cats so a high quality vacuum is needed in this household. The Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum provided a superior clean than any other cordless vacuum I've used before. We brought it outside to clean our car and I can say it did an excellent job of picking up stuff in hard to reach & small places. Using it helped us out a lot because it was so easy to use... The fact that it's cordless and lightweight made transporting it to the car extremely simple. The head was difficult to maneuver, but not so much so that it subtracted from the excellent cleaning it provided. We also used one of the smaller heads for our chairs and it cleaned the dog hair right off of it without having to go over the same spot multiple times!! I would absolutely recommend this product to any person in need of a great vacuum!
Great Versatile vacuum
A solid vacuum that accomplishes exactly what it is meant to. The lightweight vacuum allows you to carry it around the house without feeling like you are getting in a full workout. Small head but the suction power is great
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Probably the best compact stick vac available.
This vacuum is quite strong for it's size and it also has a good power head that comes with it. It is effective at picking up pet hair and most other things. The only big downside that I have found with the vacuum is how quickly the battery drains down. You have to always remember to put it on the charger when you are done with it.
Convenient and fun
I love this little sucker! Super convenient for cleaning up small messes in a hurry or the weekly house cleaning! Light weight and fun to use
Not living up to its reputation
This vacuum is a mess to empty. Hair gets wrapped around the brush worse then other vacuums I’ve tried and it’s horrible to take apart to clean. It is such a waste of time that it is not worth the fee conveniences that it has (like being cordless). It does not even go near corners or walls. It is absolutely a waste of money!
Mommy Improved!
Has a mom, i need a vacuum that is easy on my part because has a full time house mom, i get my hands full. but with this Vacuum has made my job easy with cleaning and its portable and i can go wherever in the house with it!
Awesome, light, picked up everything
This is an amazing product, it is so light, and grabs everything on my carpets, I look forward to using it... It makes me want to clean
Excellent for floors and light carpeting but not for heavy duty cleaning
Easy peezy
It’s sleek , light weight , and does the job done without any fuss . Fell in love with vacuuming now with this baby..
Works great and does what it says. Pick up and leaves nothing behind.
Powerful and convenient
It's compact, easy to move around, powerful and convenient. What is not to like! I used it everywhere in my house. Love it!
Love the portability
I bought this dyson for small jobs when I didn’t want to drag out my bigger vacuum but I’ve ended up using it much more then I thought I would. I even use it in our travel trailer, the battery last for about 25 minutes on combination carpet/tile areas. Also love not running out of bags, just dump and done!

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