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This Dyson rules
This Dyson works AMAZINGLY well and is well worth every cent you will pay for it! Wait till you try it..you WILL FALL IN LOVE!!! The ONLY 2 tiny things I would improve are battery life and easier to clean after use. It works so well that sticks to the filter and dust is hard to get off.
Best Vaccum
Best cordless vaccum. The cleaning is thorough and so easy to maintain
Extremely pleased
I was pleasantly surprised at the suction of the vacuum. We have a cat and the dirt receptacle displayed the unbelievable amount of hair that the cat left in the house. Vacuuming was effortless and worked great on the carpeted areas.we use it often because it is handy and effortless teffortless to use.
My opinion
Easy to use and very light. I would recommend buying one.
not as effective as right dyson
we have both the upright , two smaller handhelds and this product ( all dyson) in my opinion i prefer the upright and the two handhelds. the battery power on this one depletes rather quickly. i find it hard to use as well
Awesome and light weight!
I love my Dyson! It is so easy and light weight to use. Purchased it to clean my hardwood and ceramic tiles and it has been wonderful. Certainly beats lugging around my canister vac. to do my Berber carpet. Totally worth the cost!!!
Dyson stick vaccum
Best vacuum I've used so far. Wish the battery was a little better but still decent. I don't use the wall mount. A fried of mine has the same one and it broke after 1 year. I just plug it in and leave it in a corner.
Definitely not a farm vacuum
My in laws have this at their farm house, it’s okay for small dust etc. But is not a vacuum choice for a farm house with dirt, manure and rocks being brought in from outside
Lightweight and efficient!
Easy to use and maneuver, lightweight. Easy for children or elderly to use. Solid home vacuum for thorough cleanjng or touch-ups before guests.
Best Wireless Vacuum
Best wireless vacuum, had mine for over 5 years now and still works perfectly.
Dyson v11 absolute +
I’ve never tried a dyson so I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I tried it I was in love. I love the option to choose between boost eco and reg. I also love being able to see the battery life remaining. I did find that trying to vacuum the whole house that the machine felt heavy after using it hot some time. I also found it very different to have to keep changing attachments compared ired to a regular vacuum. I loved how quiet the machine was I was not expecting it to be so quiet. Overall I love this vacuum it does a great job.
This has got to be the worse vacuum I used Very difficult to empty basket. Comes apart every time and must be reassembled. some way to empty basket with having to re-essemble the entire unit would be helpful
The Best
This is the best vacuum I have owned by far! It does wonders with pet hair and is so easy to clean.
Not the greatest for picking up hairbut otherspills workswell
I'm in love!!
This is the best thing ever. So much better then the central vac system that we had previously. I thought that my carpets were clean but the Dyson absolute was able to bring up so much more hair and dust that must have been in there for years. It is light and compact, easy to use at any moment and for anything. It will be replacing my central vac and small handheld vacuum. I've even used it outside to clean the interior of my car. The one thing I would like to see improved is a telescoping shaft so you can adjust the length for perfect comfort when cleaning different spots in the house.

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