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Quality, with no compromise...
After using this stick style vacuum for a week I cam say the overall quality and build of the vacuum is well done. I have had no issues with dust and dirt in the cracks in my floorboards and have loved the versatility of the head getting around my master bedroom's new Ikea set! Well done!
Compact and powerful
An incredible option for urban spaces with Pet-hair. The battery lasted longer than the job needed. Very impressed.
Best Product
Best Dyson ever, I purchased two Dyson, cord Dyson DC37 and cordless v6 slim to handle the small stuff. The sad part, I wasted alot of money buying the cheap vacuums that break down so fast. Should have purchased the Dyson from the start and save myself $400 dollars.
Cathi:s reveiew
Well to be honest when l 1st couple tries it wired wonderful great. Keeps everything clean dust free very light in weight. It bulky. Stores easily. But l broke the handkarm of it the long handle. Used it 3 times was very very happy But l
Best gift ever
I received this vacuum as a gift and it is amazing! Never expected to feel so strongly about an inanimate object. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a partridge in a pear tree and this vacuum sucks. If it ever dies I will justify the cost to repurchase it because now that I know what it's like to live with it I can not live without it. Wish the battery would last a touch longer but I can still get most of my house done in one go.
Love it!
I vacuum way more beacause I don't have to unroll and roll back up a cord, trust me- your will love it
Very good
The vacuum is very good and it cleans good just please clean it after every use.
Wish I could afford to splurge, heard these work amazingly
Haven't tried it, but have seen ads. Looks like s great product.
I havent used it but I would like to try using it one day
My mom has this vacuum and it works amazing! Has great power behind it
I will surely love to try this one. Hopefully 😄
I would love to try it..This would be nice to try out
Looks amazing n light.. Easy to use with a toddler around
Im just wondering when i will get it. I have heard that they are fabulous

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