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Best Dyson ever, I purchased two Dyson, cord Dyson DC37 and cordless v6 slim to handle the small stuff. The sad part, I wasted alot of money buying the cheap vacuums that break down so fast. Should have purchased the Dyson from the start and save myself $400 dollars.
Cathi:s reveiew
Well to be honest when l 1st couple tries it wired wonderful great. Keeps everything clean dust free very light in weight. It bulky. Stores easily. But l broke the handkarm of it the long handle. Used it 3 times was very very happy But l
Best gift ever
I received this vacuum as a gift and it is amazing! Never expected to feel so strongly about an inanimate object. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a partridge in a pear tree and this vacuum sucks. If it ever dies I will justify the cost to repurchase it because now that I know what it's like to live with it I can not live without it. Wish the battery would last a touch longer but I can still get most of my house done in one go.
Love it!
I vacuum way more beacause I don't have to unroll and roll back up a cord, trust me- your will love it
Very good
The vacuum is very good and it cleans good just please clean it after every use.
Would so love to try this! Bought a eureka one and not satisfied with it at all , wish I would have been selected to try before I bought the other one
It's sucks good. Lasts forever. Brand name is in the top 3
im looking for a compact vacuum that really does a good job this could be it would love to try this out thanks
Wish I could afford to splurge, heard these work amazingly
Haven't tried it, but have seen ads. Looks like s great product.
I havent used it but I would like to try using it one day
My mom has this vacuum and it works amazing! Has great power behind it
I will surely love to try this one. Hopefully 😄
I would love to try it..This would be nice to try out
Looks amazing n light.. Easy to use with a toddler around

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