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Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Cordless Stick Vacuum
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Wow! Definitely worth the investment.
Wow! Top Quality product. The Dyson V11 Absolute Extra vacuum cleaner is definitely worth the investment. It Will last for yrs & yrs to come & has a 2yr warranty +service # to call. What a versatile vacuum. It does an amazing job on carpet,hardwood, vinyl floors dusting up high. The crevice tool is great for getting into the corners. The brush tool is great I added the up top adapter fold tool to get the top of my blinds made it so easy. Very powerful unit that has 3 different power settings ,max is like turbo power that will clean the dirtiest of dirt with ease. There's so many useful tools, the mini motorized head is perfect for pet hair, nothing is getting buy the motorized torque head. This vacuum covers Whole house cleaning. Not just carpet & floors. Another plus is it's not to heavy, makes cleaning up high a breeze. The point & shoot to empty the dust bin is a great feature don't have to get ur hands all dirty.Dyson is leading the pack! Best cleaning experience I've Ever had.
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Best vacuum yet.
I absolutely love this vacuum, it's the best one I've ever used. It's extremely powerful no matter what type of floor I am cleaning. I love being able to switch between eco and boost mode depending how much power I need for each mess.
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Loving my new Dyson V11
This product has more than exceeded my expectations, it has become my favorite piece household cleaning equipment ever! From my carpets, to my floors, to my couches, The Dyson V11 comes with an abundance of extensions to pick up everything from dust to hair. The smooth hum and electric screen (to monitor battery power, etc) add an excellent touch to an already phenomenal device. My son, who hates to clean, can't stop "playing" with it. The result, my house has never been cleaner! Thank you Dyson
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Great product
I was very excited to try this product because our uptight had packed up and I find central vac too cumbersome. It was super easy to put together and to change attachments. I was so surprised by the suction power and also slightly grossed out by what was in my carpets. I loved switching between different functions and also knowing how much battery power I had left. It truly was a game changer for me
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Gets the kids to vacuum more!
A very powerful cordless vacuum! It’s so easy to clean up messes quickly without hauling out the big canister vacuum. My 3 kids were able to vacuum our van and car and make it look like new! Manoeuvring the Dyson V11 was easy and smooth and the hardwood attachment not only vacuums but dusts the floor with its velvety roller. My only complaint is that it would be nice if you can set the trigger to on and not have to squeeze it the whole time. It’s a great addition to our household cleaning tools.
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Powerful cordless vacuum
I love the cordless feature, it makes it easy to move especially I live in three level house. I used to clean my hard wood floors and rugs and tiles and it was amazing👍
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The only vacuum to get the job done!
This vacuum is a great addition to my home. I absolutely love the LCD display showing the battery life, and adapting to different surfaces - the display immediately updates the battery life going from hardwood floor to carpet! The flexible hose is a game changer for cleaning under my car seat, without needing to maneuver the whole unit. The up top adapter is just perfect for my ceiling fans saving me ½ the time. The pivoting high torque head turns naturally making it easy to clean hard to reach places. Only concerns - the Boost mode on carpet is a bit noisy and the battery life drops to half. Auto mode is quiet and the vacuum is lighter as well. At first, I wasn’t happy to have to hold the trigger down, but it’s so effortless you completely forget you’re doing it. While on the charging wall mount, it seems to stick out a bit too much, but the handle is just the right size to fit my hand. Overall, it is definitely a worthwhile smart appliance that fits in perfectly with my household.
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The only vacuum you will ever need
The Dyson V11 absolute extra is by far the best vacuum i have ever used. I've always been under the impression that you needed a full size vacuum for carpets. Well that's not with true with this vacuum. Carpets, area rugs, hardwood, car interiors. This is a multi use vacuum for pretty much anything you can throw at it. The LCD screen that tells you the battery life is great, I wouldn't consider it necessary for me since i always have it fully charged before each use. Not having to bend down to change out a floor or carpet attachment is my favorite feature. My overall experience is extremely positive. This vacuum really sucks...In a good way.
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Dyson V11 Absolute is great
Packaging is super compact and neat but there are a lot of pieces. I wish it came with a bag or something to organize and store all the pieces as there are many and wouldn't want to lose one. I appreciate the different add on pieces to have options for multiple purposes but it would also be nice if there was a manual explaining the purpose of each or intended use. It should be straight forward but I was still confused. I really like how convenient and handy it is vs. lugging around my bigger one that I have to plug in. It's great to have the battery selection for different suctions. I don't like how you have to hold the button down for it to run and I found it a little on the heavy side for my wrist to be carrying it around and for purposes other than cleaning the floor where you could put the weight on the floor. I do love the quality and convenience and would definitely recommend the product and will be happy to continue to use the product.
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Effective, quiet vacuum. Love it!
This is seriously the best Dyson cordless vacuum to date. I have owed the v7 and v8, both do not compare to the versatility, advanced technology (LCD screen) and accessories that come with the V11 absolute. The hard floor vacuum head is amazing, so much quieter and cleans much gentler while still picking up all the dirt. Even with 2 cats at home, all the hairs can be picked up easily. The vacuum itself is also much quieter than previous models. The only improvement for Dyson to consider is the control of the vacuum head, it makes turning very easy, great for corners, but harder to control when going straight. And the plastic handle piece by the trigger can be made of more solid materials for durability. Other than that, the v11 is well worth the money!!! Amazing product!
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Awesome vacuum definitely recommend
Awesome suction power and great battery power too . I would definitely recommend buying this product, all my family have one now after I told them how much I love it. Too bad they don't have some sorta cleaning tool to clean the thing but besides that it's definitely one of my most favorite thing I own lol.
Don't even own a broom anymore
Amazing vacuum. I literally use it everyday for small and large cleanups. The battery life is perfect- can easily do the entire floor. The attachments are quick and easy to change. I would definitely recommend the investment.
Worth buying this product is amazing works very efficiently very high quality

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