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Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cordless Stick
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Powerful and Effective Cleaning
I absolutely love this vacuum and would highly recommend it to family and friends. We have a dog and have a central vacuum cleaner with a beater bar attachment for carpet cleaning. The Dyson’s suction impressively picks up dirt, debris and dog hair, filling up the canister even after using our central vacuum beforehand. I love all of the extra attachments and heads that come with the dyson. It also works effortlessly on our hardwood floors. I also love that it is cordless and holds a long cleaning charge. Very impressed with this vacuum
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The best vacuum I've ever used!
This vacuum is incredible. I have never had a vacuum quite like this, it is easy to use, it is sleek looking and it just blew me away. Firstly, the fact that it is cordless is already amazing there is no cord in the way and putting it away is a piece of cake. The attachments that come with it are all useful and serve a different purpose which makes cleaning different surfaces so easy. I vacuumed the couches in my house and it pulled dirt out of them i didn't even know was there. The digital screen on the vacuum is a very cool and modern edge, this is a vacuum that looks high tech and feels high tech. You can even take it apart to make it a handheld vacuum which is very cool and makes this basically a two in one vacuum. Now as far as the design goes i love the purple color and the look of this vacuum, it is not very large at all and doesn't take up a lot of space so moving it around is really easy, if you live in a house this is perfect for you to move around to different floors.
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Just became a Dyson customer for life!!
I’ve never been one to splurge on the fancier things in life but Dyson vacuums have always been something that caught my attention. A lot of my friends and family have recommended them to me in the past and I was looking for an older V7 or V10 model before I received my V11 and I’ll summarize my experience in one word: WOW! This is the most sophisticated yet easy to use cleaning product I own now. I think of it as the Apple of Vacuums. I was able to clean tiles, hard wood, carpets, sofas and even my counter tops! The only thing more surprising than my experience with this vacuum was the amount of dust it pulled from couch (that I already vacuumed every week)! The battery life was exceptional too and lasted much longer than my other cordless vacuum. I live in a slightly bigger 2 bedroom and was able to get all the surfaces on one charge. Having the different power levels available at the push of a button is also a nice little touch (no pun intended). Well done, Dyson. And thank you!
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I cleaned like an "Absolute Pro"
I was in the market for a new Dyson prior to receiving this product (what a privilege!) and I'm happy to report that this product has exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The packaging was very compact and easy to carry home. The contents were all carefully wrapped and the setup could not have been easier. On to the cleaning experience: Just WOW. I felt like I walked into a new home after going over my apartment just once. The V11 picked up every piece of debris on my hardwood and carpets. And, getting into the corners could not have been easier with the swivel head. My only prior experience with Dyson was testing out the V10 in stores a few weeks ago. A nice (and much appreciated) new feature was the LCD display, which indicates your battery life and which power setting you're on. The old model had a toggle switch so it's nice to see that Dyson continuously looks for ways to innovate its designs. Battery life was great. Was able to clean my 600 sq. ft. condo on a single charge.
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Dyson Pro 11 Review
I really enjoyed using this vacuum. It works really well and it’s easy to change the attachments. Picked up a TON on my carpets. I’ll need to do it again on my carpets to see how much is picked up the second time as my old vacuum needed to be replaced and wasn’t doing a great job. Just a few things I don’t like, you have to hold the “on” button down while using the vacuum with your finger (it’s like a trigger). The battery didn’t last long, I did my main level & upstairs, both sets of stairs & the small piece of carpet in front of the washing machine . If I had a carpeted basement I wouldn’t be able to do it as the battery didn’t last. So I would have to do a charge between rooms I vacuumed, But the battery issue might have been because it was working hard to do a good clean of my carpets as our old vacuum wasn’t very good I enjoyed the ease of changing attachments and the amount of attachments. Found it a bit heavy, but it’s also super easy to empty the canister once it’s full
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Perfect Transition: central to handheld
This vacuum is very easy to handle. It moves well with my body moves. It is perfect for my situation where I had central vacuum before and I was ready to move to the next step: to a cordless handheld vacuum.
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A Home cleaner’s dream
The Dyson V11 isn’t just a vacuum it’s a work of art. I am in love with the sleek and easy to handle design. I’ve always hid my vacuums but this beauty I want to show off. I love that it was so easy to set up, everything was literally a push and click to connect; plus I like that it comes with multiple heads making it convenient for so much more than cleaning carpets. Not to mention that it’s cordless so I don’t have the added stress of maneuvering around the cord. Now about the technology and functionality. I am impressed that the settings can be changed depending what kind of power ( eco, auto or boost)you require for your clean. It hasn’t needed cleaning yet but it seems quite easy, I followed the instructions and pulled the parts out, no problems here. Additionally, I love the easy conversion to a shorter handheld unit this makes it perfect for use in my car and how could I forget the wall mount which makes for easy storage. In short, it does an impeccable job and it’s gorgeous.
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Best vacuum I've ever used!
I received this product as part of a promotion for my honest review. I have a combination of vinyl and rugs throughout my house. The torque auto-adjusting head handled the transitions with ease! I really enjoyed not having to lean down and switch every time I moved from rug to hard floor and back, again. I've tried out every attachment on this vacuum and I really like the variety. I especially appreciated the bendable and narrow extra reach one for my dryer vent. Now, let's talk suction. Holy moly! The boost option on this is amazing! My car, carpet and couch have never been cleaner. Even when I thought I'd gotten it all, the canister still showed me that there was more dirt. So, I just kept on vacuuming. Con: You have to mount it on the wall near an outlet and if you don't have a power outlet in the closet where you keep your vacuum, it ends up within reach of children's hands. As well, the trigger on/off can be a bit taxing on your hands if you're vacuuming for more than 5 minutes.
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V11 Absolute Pro an Absolute Delight
This vacuum cleaner is easy to use: simply disconnect from charger, press the trigger and clean away! The attachments make cleaning numerous surfaces easy and I particularly like the crevice cleaner. The vacuum senses different surface and automatically adjusts which is a great function as I have both hardwood and area rugs. This vacuum is really easy to use and the charge lasts a long time, especially on the “eco” mode. I also really like that the vacuum can be handheld — I have taken it to my underground parking and thoroughly vacuumed out my car, including all the tiny crevices. The “boost” selection worked well on ground-in dirt on the car seats. Absolutely love this machine
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Best vaccum cleaner on the market
I must say I absolutely love this vacuum! Although I have an older model that I got couple of years ago this new technology amazed me after first use! First, the design is absolutely beautiful and vacuum is very easy to set up and use. Battery lasts long and I love that you can choose between 3 settings, EKO, auto and boost. I used it on different surfaces and it exceeded my expectations, the ammount of dirt it collected from my dinning room carpet in short period since I last vacuumed it was amazing! I used it on my sofa as well because this vacuum came with so many different attachments that you can reach all the spaces you need to! Hardwood floors are a breeze to clean in no time and when you choose auto setting the brush easily recognizes the surface and changes it's function, no hussle or bending to change the setting of the brush! I'm absoultely in love with this vacuum and recommend it to anyone, being cordless makes it so easy to use and carry around wherever you need it!
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Loved it
After using a friend's V8 Absolute, I knew I wanted a Dyson cordless stick vacuum of my own. Costco offered a superb deal on the V8 Animal+, so my sister and I each bought one. By purchasing from Costco, an additional attachment tool was also included. After having several back surgeries, I had become unable to manage the bulk and weight of my traditional corded vacuum. The V8 Animal+ is so lightweight and offers much more versatility than my old corded upright. The V8 Animal+ offers all the obvious advantages of a stick vacuum – no cord, amazingly flexible, various easy-to-change attachments, hygienic disposal system, etc.
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Great for the whole family
Really good vacuum for linoleum, hardwood and short carpets. The only time it doesn’t do as fabulous of a job is on my shag area rug, I can go over an area 10times and I still am able to suck dirt and pet hair up. Cordless makes it super easy and convenient to grab for even small jobs. My kids (11 and 12) use this easily as well.
portable Dyson wand style vacuum
Battery does not last since I bought it and started using Dec 25 2020 Dyson products are junk and they do not stand behind their products like they like you to believe
although the product has a very nice sleek look its not as amazing as everybody makes it seem the battery on this device takes a very long time to charge and by the time it charges you get no more than 20 minutes of vacuuming which is not worth the hetic price please save yourself the money and just get a better vacuum
Only way I will ever vaccum
Have had a cordless dyson for years and cannot live without it. I makes it so easy to vacuum. Anytime I see a little something it’s so fast to just take out the dyson and bam you are ready to go. Also so much more practical for the stairs. I love this vaccin, no other brand compares to the dyson performance

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