4.6 5 0 39 39 Warning: our Oat Milk causes love at first sip! Incredibly rich and oh so creamy.
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Great in Coffee
I've only ever used this for my coffee but it would have so many other applications. I love the taste
Better than milk.
I have never enjoyed the taste of cows milk but this product is great on cereal.
Good to have on hand
I purchased just one carton, the 946mL shelf-stable carton. Am not a milk drinker, but like to have some on hand for smoothies, cereal, etc. It went pretty quickly because my teen used it on his cereal once and liked it. Have since purchsed another carton.
great dairy free addition to your morning coffee!
I have tried several non dairy alternatives in my coffee, but I find Earth's Own by far the best. It's creamy and unsweetened, and unlike some other non dairy beverages, you don't need a ton of it in the mug to make your coffee taste right without getting it cold. The unsweetened vanilla is good too!
Love this! Great dairy alternative!
As a (new-ish) vegan, i'm constantly searching for healthy, convenient, tasty and environmentally friendly options. This one checks all the boxes! I absolutely love the taste of this. It reminds me of Almond milk, but better. It's super easy to sub in recipes, coffee, desserts, etc. The price is also not bad at all. Highly recommend! :)
Good milk substitute
I really enjoyed this milk substitute. I don't drink a lot of milk and it ends up going bad so I've switched to using alternatives. Oat milk lasts long, tastes great and is environmentally friendly.
Best milk replacer
I love this oat milk. As a vegan I've tried all the plant based meals. This milk is creamy and tastes better then milk. My favourite is the Unsweetened vanilla. I recommended to my sister for my 2 year-old nephew instead of cows milk.
Great alternative to milk...good texture, consistency and taste! I would buy this product again for sure
Desoler de lexprimer comme cela mes vraiment rien a ete apprecier RIEN.
mon évaluation
Le produits présente de belles valeurs nutritives pour la santé. De plus,Il es bon au goût .Je recommande fortement.
Great alternative to dairy
This is a great product tastes great and easy to substitute for dairy. Only complaint is that it harder to find around me yet
Very delicious
Loved this product , tasted delicious. Used it on my cereal , lovely.
Enfin du lait d'avoine sans vanille! C'est délicieux et la texture est onctueuse. Le meilleur lait végétal que j'ai bu!
I love this
So I tried this to use for my overnight oats and I absolutely love the taste. It is a great alternative to soy milk for an easy non dairy milk. I would buy again.
Bon goût très apprécié de notre grande famille
Merci beaucoup très bon produits excellente qualité,ma famille adore se produit ,et emporte toujours dans son lunchs ,j aimerais recevoir des coupons rabais ou petites gratuiter pour ma famille très apprécié

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