4.6 5 0 72 72 Warning: our Oat Milk causes love at first sip! Incredibly rich and oh so creamy.
Earth’s Own Oat Milk Unsweetened Original
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Oat milk
I love this milk for breakfast. I make overnight oats and this milk adds so much flavor to them. My oats come out so creamy and chewy with this milk.
Love them a Customer of mine told me about them. Really enjoyed it.
Like this brand
I enjoy this brand. When I've used this is in tea and other beverages it added a nice subtle flavour and didn't change the flavour profile much to whatever it was added to.
Creamy and Good
Loved the taste, it was fresh and natural. Kinda preferred the taste to nut milks.
awesome dairy free milk
I have been looking for good dairy free milk alternatives. I used to drink almond milk (by the same brand, which is also delicious) but I like this oat milk more because it's better for the environment (takes less water to produce compared to almond). I also find it to be creamier and tastes really good. It makes my iced coffee delicious
Everyone likes options
Good enough flavour and texture. Not enough for a repurchase. We have been trying alternatives to cows milk for a few years now. I recall the version I tried was high in sugar or carbs, that I didn’t notice until I read the label at home. That deterred me from buying this again.
Nice tasting
I have tried it but I really like my almond milk better.If the price is right I would buy it again.
A great dairy substitute
This beverage is so creamy and tasty, that I almost find myself craving it. It's my favourite dairy substitute. I've actually started adding it to my morning coffee, and I've been drinking black coffee for 20 years!
attention latte lovers!
this oat milk is any dairy free latte lovers dream! It’s froths so nicely and tastes delicious
Goes down good
This is an exceptional product. It is so creamy. You only have to add a little bit in your coffee and it tastes terrrific. My kids love this as a milk alternative.
Love this healthy oat milk! I bake with it an drink it! Nice oat taste that is low fat!
I don’t drink milk so I am always looking for a dairy alternative! I like this one a lot, I just wish it was organic but it foams well for lattes and it’s smooth!
Really Good!
I have no dietary restrictions, however I do love trying other type of milk products. This one is really good!
Pleasantly Surprised
Trying to find a gluten free, nut free, dairy free milk has been a challenge! This milk has a very similar consistency to real milk and so far has surpassed anything else I've tried as a baking ingredient. This is the first non-dairy Milk that has actually made a custard pie that set properly and didn't have a nasty aftertaste. I actually enjoyed it in my breakfast cereal! I like that it comes in school sized tetra packs (usually in groups of 3) for school lunches, pantry sized tetra packs for easy storage, and regular 2L cartons in the refrigerated section. This will be our regular milk from now on!
Loved it!
It’s a great product! That makes your skin and face look amazing. It is reasonably priced, uses natural products. No complaints about this amazing product. I would highly recommend to anyone

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