4.6 5 0 57 57 Warning: our Oat Milk causes love at first sip! Incredibly rich and oh so creamy.
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Best lattes ever
I love oat milk for lattes. It does have a noticeable oat taste so I’m not sure I would fully replace milk but for your coffee it adds a great taste and reduces your dairy use significantly.
Yum 😋
This is delicious totally recommend it. Taste great on its own or in something.
Love this milk
This is the best tasting milk alternative on the market. Lov, love, loved it! Tastes great in coffee milk etc.
Almost Real Milk Taste
So this is much better for the environment but still has a good taste. I feel like I personally would still prefer almond milk only because the oat milk is a little gritty/ oaty taste.
Smooth and delicious
I have never tried oat milk before. It was very good, much sweeter than i had expected. Delicious!
Great Taste
This is a great tasting milk alternative. It works great when cooking or baking.
Daughter loves it
my daughter wanted to try it because she heard from her friends its good. To my suprise its not bad and she drank the whole thing.
Perfect smoothie mix
Very good, very good in smoothies or shake. Nice tasting product.
Great alternative
I didn't think I would be able to enjoy a good cup of tea again - but this brand is fantastic, it doesn't separate like almond milk and it's "better" for the environment. I recommend it to everyone!
Nice milk option
,you will enjoy the milk alternative This milk alternative is a nice choice
I enjoyed the Oat-y taste of this product. It was a nice change from the Almond milk products that I usually buy. Great option if you have nut sensitivities in your family. A tasty new dairy free drink that’s also good with a bowl of cereal.
I have heard a lot about oat milk and its benefits. I am interested in making the switch, please send me this product

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