4.8 5 0 26 26 Gently and effectively reduces redness and itching due to dryness on eczema-prone skin
Eczema Relief Body Creme
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Relieves dried itchy skin
I have really dry skin and in the winter it gets twice as bad. My doctor recommended Eucerin last winter and so I tried it and loved it. It’s a bit pricier than other lotions but well worth the extra cost
apres avoir utilisé des tonnes et des tonnes de cremes pour combattre l'eczema de notre 2 ans , la dermathologue nous a conseillé cette creme ! Elle est juste fantastique rien de moins !
Très hydratant
Pour les personnes ayant de l’eczéma, cette crème offre l’une des meilleurs option pour le corps a un prix raisonnable.
works well
After being put on a medication that I was allergic to I was itchy, everywhere. Even the edges of my eye lids were itchy, not a place that is easy to scratch. I tried a variety of medication (prescription and non-prescription) without a lot of help. I tried oatmeal baths again without a lot of help, or help that lasted any length of time. I tried every thing I could think of, some help, but nothing lasted any real length of time. Then I tried Eucerin. This helped me a substantial amount. While I was still itchy, I was not insane with the itchiness. This help reduced the itchiness by at least 50% and made the days more tolerable while I waited for my body to stop itching.
Awesome product
My 1 year old has eczema and this is the only lotion that works for him. We had tried everything from high end to every baby cream there was. Someone had mentioned to try this lotion and it works like a charm!
The Best!
The dermatologist finally recommended this for my son's severe eczema. After years and years of trying many, many products, we have finally found something that works for him. It is instantly soothing, taking the nasty "itch" away. He uses it consistently every day, and his is better than it has been in years!
Great for babies
My son has had eczema since he was born, and for the first six months I tried all kinds of products that didn’t really help. Then I found this and have been using it on him for the last 9 months. This lotion hasn’t solved the problem, but when I apply it consistently for a few days his eczema disappears. It comes back after a day or two of not using the product
Love this cream
As someone who has periods of brutal eczema, this cream is a lifesaver. It is pretty thick, but soaks in and is gentle. My friend uses it for her toddler as well.
The best!
This really works to smooth and calm eczema and itchy uncomfortable skin. Its nice and thick but rubs in nicely and keeps my skin soft for at least 24 hours. If you struggle with skin issues consider trying this.
I have terrible eczema and can't use certain products on my face so I tried this. Helps so much to relieve the itching and flaking and has even healed some spots. Great product and wouldn't be without it.
It works pretty well but the high price might make it unavailable to some people. I would tell people to try it first and avoid spending a lot of money trying to find something that will work.
Très hydratante par contre elle laisse une impression grasse. Pour les zones vraiment sèches elle est super efficace.
For often dry diabetic skin this product beats all. The price is half of what other are that are diabetes specific. Love it.
this helped cure my kids eczema faster than doctor prescribed creams
Absolutely love it! Helps with the redness and itching from using hand sanitizer at work all the time! Leaves my skin feeling so smooth

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