4.5 5 0 68 68 Honey almond flavour. 15g of protein with milk.
Edge with Protein
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This cereal is so nutritious. I eat it as a snack, it is delicious!
This has a lot of protein. I use it after work outs. Fills me right up.
Great taste, love how it stays crunchy longer than most cereal. Also great as a dry snack. My family loves this cereal.
Taste is delicious, if you enjoy vector cereal you would like this cereal as well. The cereal fills you up as well which I found convenient
I liked it but had to add sugar to it. I usually don't. It was great for my fibre intake and it made me regular.
One of my kids eats this daily and really enjoys it....He recommends it!
Very good cereal and very hearty. My husband is a big night eater and he converted to eating this cereal at night because it would keep him full longer and out of the fridge and cupboard. Way less sugar than most cereal in the cupboard and so much protein.
Great tasting cereal! And kept me full all through the morning. Will definitely purchase this again.
I personally haven't tried this cereal but my husband loves it, every time I go shopping he has to add it to the list!
Super tasty and my kids love it. The added protein helps keep them full.
I seem to get sleepy around 11 a.m. with a normal breakfast cereal, but after eating Edge with Protein, it seems to keep me alert until lunch. Loved the taste and now eat it as a snack in the afternoon too.
You know as "grups" we tend to think we have to give up "the good stuff" and set the example for our kids by eating our "veggies". Edge with Protein gives us the best of both worlds - It tastes great and is good for us!
Did not like this. a bit too sweet. Regular Vector is still the best.
Great tasting and good for you, who'd of thunk. A great way to start the day or for an evening snack I found. Definitely a go to for our family now.
Don't need a big bowl of cereal. This will fill you up with half a bowl. Pretty tasty!

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