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Envirokidz Jungle Munch™
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I use this as a dry snack for my kids. It is a great travel snack
So I know this is kids cereal, but I don't have kids and buy it for myself. It takes great and makes me feel like im eating healthier without sacrificing great flavour. I just wish 1 box wasn't so expensive
The stereo is a definite great switch from pops. My kids are pretty picky but they definitely enjoyed the cinema jungle munch. I love the fact that had 24 grains included in the cereal. Definitely recommend especially for people who need gluten-free food ideas .
A delicious alternative cereal for your kids when they are begging for sugary cereals but you want a better alternative.
This is a delicious crunchy cereal. Almost like Corn Pops.
My kids love this cereal, and all the other gluten free envirokidz cereals. Its nice that they can have a gf alternative
I like that there Isn't a preverative after taste it really natural and I like that its gluten free for sensitive tummys.
My daughter loves these. They do not seem like they are gluten free. We love how they stay crunchy.
My family loves trying new cereals. We have not seen this one on the store shelves, but we love cinnamon cereals and this one looks like it would be very interesting to try
I would like to try this cereal for my family! I am going to recomment this product to my friend as her daughter can only eat this type of product, plus it's something new for her instead of the boring products she has to eat now.. she will love this.. she's 10yrs. old
Looks interesting!What is it made with?I always read labels.Need to know what is in it!
We don't eat a lot of cereal any more, but this looks and sounds like a healthier choice for kids than a lot of the others available. I wouldn't mind giving it a try.
This looks fun and I think kids would love this as a breakfast choice. Can't wait to find these.
I haven't tried this but, I know that I would like it I love the taste of cinnamon also like whole grains and it's gluten free this would be a healthy option

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