4.2 5 0 234 234 eos™ Berry Blossom Hand Lotion is 96% natural and a delightfully nourishing hand lotion.
eos™ Berry Blossom Hand Lotion
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satiné !
C'est une crème légère, qui pénètre facilement la peau et rend les mains douces et non grasse de plus sont odeur est très agréable.
Smells like blossoms!
Beautiful packaging and it smells very nice and easy to apply on the hands! they do make your hands smell nice and smooth after using it. Though after using the cream after a while it does get harder to press the cream out from the package
Light weigh hand lotion that smells good
I bought this as a box set which includes the hand lotion, a lip balm and a bigger bottle body lotion. While I like all of them, I think the hand lotion did stand out. It smells good and it’s light weigh. Not greasy or sticky at all. It’s also handy for travel and on the go and can be put in a small purse since it’s so compact. It keeps my hands moisturized. Love this hand lotion.
cream that left my hands smooth
I love this product! it smells amazing, and would leave my hands feeling smooth whenever I applied it without feeling tacky or stiff which some other creams do. I definitely recommend this product to others, in fact I've bought many bottles myself (;
peely hands
i'm not sure if 'm allergic or what happened but it made my hands feel so dry and peely after using
Smells great
I love the eos lip balms so I was so excited to try the Hand lotion, it lived up to expectations and smells amazing
So Good!
Its smells lovely. Leaves your hands feeling soft and unchafed. 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ from me
Nothing too special
This just felt like any another old lotion. It didn't to miracles or anything but I do like how it's almost all natural.
Okay but seriously.... would you ever even doubt an EOS product!? These hand creams smell devine and leave your hands silky smooth without a greasy film. Less is more here as the product spreads easily. I keep one in my purse and one in my car!
not that great
It does not help my dry skin that much. In winter my skin is sooo dry and this lotion is not thick enough. Like the packaging though.
cute fits well in smaller bags easy to have on the go, the cream does not work that well for me i find my hands are a little greasy instead of it sinking into the skin it seems to sit on top/
Best lotion I've ever used. Amazing smell. I've been using this hand cream for two years now and I won't even consider changing it.
Unique bottle
I was surprised to find this product because I didn't know Eos made anything but lip balm. I didn't care for the smell because I found it too floraly for my tastes. It did an adequate job as a hand lotion.
Perfect size
I love the size of this packaging, it’s perfect for a purse or to keep in your vehicle. It has a great smell but I found it to leave my hands a bit greasy for the first 15-20 minutes.
Great lotion
This is a great lotion. It's not too greasy, it smells great and it's a small size so perfect for your purse. It's a little pricey but worth it because a little goes a long way

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