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Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme
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This is not as strong or beneficial as prescription medication, but that also means that it does not have the harmful effects of prescription medication. For minor flare-ups of my eczema this works well.
Soothing for mild eczema
I have eczema on my nose and Eucerin feels soothing on it, but, it’s not strong enough to really get rid of extreme eczema.
I haven’t used it personally but a close friend did. And said it helped ..
Used this on my baby girl after several products failed to help her eczema. Was easy on her sensitive skin, cleared up the eczema in two days and prevented further patches from popping up.
Love this product, especially that’s it’s not medicated
This is the only cream that gives my daughter relief. Great product!
I am an avid gardener so am constantly in the dirt this time of year. This cream, every night keeps my hands soft. I use it on my heels after a shower to keep my heels from cracking. Love it.
Wonderful stuff! I had itchy eczema and it was driving me crazy! I also have very dry skin to make matters worse. I purchased both the lotion and the cream. I absolutely love Eucerin and how it repairs my skin. Keeps my eczema under control and my skin nice and soft. Even my elbows.
Really thick and long lasting lotion that acts as a great barrier. At the end of my workday my hands were still soft. I would definitely use it again!
My doctor recommended this for my family. It sure does work fast.
I have eczema and my son also. His skin is bad since he was a baby. I have tried this and it seemed to work at first. But I didn’t find it any good over time
This cream is fantastic. I have severe eczema and I have used this and it works great.
I bought this cream months ago and I'm yet to finish the big bottle that I got. I have extremely dry skin and it didn't help, it took away itch but my hands especially still got dry quickly.
In the winter months I use this on my face. I get really dry skin from cold weather and the heat being on. I find this product thick and moisturizing and protects me from the elements. It's scentless which is great for no break outs and dermatologist tested.
this cream really soothed and treated my eczema on my hands especially in the winter

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