Excipial Calming Moisture Lotion

4.7 5 0 123 123 Intense long-lasting moisturizing effect with 27% lipid content. Suitable for age-induced dry skin as a result of climatic conditions.
Excipial Calming Moisture Lotion


I use this product at work on people’s really dry itchy skin and it’s awesome! I have also used it myself and it’s my to lotion. I generally have sensitive skin and I have no issues with this!
I get really dry, and itchy skin on my legs. I also have sensitive skin, and am sensitive to strong scents, so the Excipial line is really great, as it's for skin issues, and nearly all at totally scent-free. While it doesn't say on the description above, it's also meant for itchy skin. After testing this out, I'm quite pleased with it; it doesn't irritate my skin, absorbs easily, and isn't too thick or greasy, and did in fact relieve the itching, and dry skin feeling. This works better than products on the market with similar claims, and is significantly less smelly. However, I gave this one 4 stars vs. 5, because although the menthol scent isn't incredibly strong, I find it still strong enough to smell, and I don't like the scent of it.
I love this product! It has been the best skin moisturizer I have yet to use! 10 out of 10 for us!
I have dry and itchy skin and would love to try this product! I'm tired of dry skin on my nose and chin.
I have very dry skin and anything that would help take off the itching feeling would be so nice to have . The skin gets so flaky somedays that it will bleed and it hurts to touch the area something like this maybe would be a remedy and stop this from happening as much please pick my name as a tester for this
Would definitely like to try this product. Age, winter and dry skin leaves me trying all kinds of lotions for some relief. Sample would be great, and would save yet another item I have bought from the landfill !
My feet get extremely itchy on the top from my socks rubbing in my boots. Scratch til raw. Currently using hydrocortisone but willing to try something new....
I would love to try this product because I have really dry skin.
i have very dry skin would really like to try Excipial Calming Moisture Lotion this is a new product ,never head of it before
I would very much like to try this product. I have an issue with dry itchy skin on my back. Feels like glass cutting at times. Always looking for something to soothe it
I would like to try this product maryanne .i am at the age of fifty so I think this lotion would do wonders for my skin. It certainly would help with my confidence
Would like to know more about this product, what ingredients are in it and if it really works as a calming moisture lotion
I have not tried. .but would love to I cannot comment because I want to try it first Thank you Ivy 73a Perlin street St John's newfoundland A1E 4c3
Dry skin in a recurring problem for me. I'd love to try this product.
mmmh can i get opportunity to try this new products, i think i would love it

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