3.4 5 0 5 5 For dry, itchy hands. 50mL.
Excipial Repair Hand Cream
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Great for winter
Helps with dry, chapped skin in the winter. Not too greasy, so good to use on hands. Unscented, which is great if you have fragrance sensitivity.
Love this product, if your skin is dry, this product is for you, amazing skin quencher!! I recommend this to everyone
Works as claimed because my hands which I use a lot on my home improvement projects still looks healthy with no callous or rough feel that my wife does not like but is expensive for the small amount you get in the tube.You can use it up quickly when using it everyday
love to try this my hands a very bad pls send me a sample ty
Very expensive product which does little more than other creams. I have extremely dry skin and nails in the winter and do not find this cream any more effective than lower priced ones.
Love to try. Nothing works on my severely dry hands. It's embarrassing. Hope this product can help me out.
Love have a sample of this.my hands get super dry and rough from washing them so much.
I would love to try this as my hands are always dry!
Women's nightmare, hands, elbows, knees and feet. I would love to try this one. Give me coupons as well. Thanks. Not to worry about rating sometimes, the price does that.
While working i. A health buildong im always washing my hands or applying hand sanitizer and drying my hands out to the point they hurt no matter what i do. Would love to try this out.
I would like to try this product. My hands are dry and often cracked, especially in the winter. So many times I have bought new hand creams but find they leave such a greasy residue and rarely provide any real help. Tired of paying out money for a different product that ultimately ends up in the garbage, so a sample of this would be greatly appreciated.
Hi I would love to try it m. It seems does work in dry hands from the bad weather I have dry hands and I would try it to see how it goes.
I am old, over 50 and it is winter in Canada. Dry hands are a given. I have never found a product that isn't greasy and actually heals my poor old winter hands.
I would love to try this product please to see how it works thank you
I have very dry and cracked painful hands. I have tried many products to help with this problem, I have never really been impressed with any of them. Lets see if Excipial will change my mind.

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