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Febreeze Sleep Serenity
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Nice smell
I use air fresheners like this all over my place. Love them
J'aime beaucoup!
J'aime bien l'odeur, qui incite à la détente par conte attention il en faut très peu sinon l'odeur est trop persistante !
Smells so clean & refreshing
This air freshener really lets out a scent that gives me calm, relaxing vibes. I didn’t think I could get that from an air freshener. Thought it was more of a candle thing
Great for people with insomnia!
I suffered from insomnia and sleep paralysis so sleeping was not an enjoyable thing for me. So I went to a therapist and learned that the smell is a significant role when sleeping! The moment I learned, I got Febreeze Sleep Serenity and it did help a lot! I spend less time trying to fall asleep and wake up In the morning feeling less tired.
I like the scent
Its a calm and relaxing scent. I can't say it would actually help you get to sleep or anything. The title is a little misleading. I do like the scent and use it on my pillow cases after washing them.
Can’t live without Febreze!
I was so excited when I seen that Frebreze had a night time product. I have trouble sleeping and since I’ve been using the Febreze Night, my sleep has improved immensely. The scent is very relaxing and soothing. I find it to be very calming and it helps me greatly. Would recommend this item to everyone!
I LOVE it!
Just love the scent it's long lasting and tranquil!!
The best smell I ever tried
It is exactly the smell that I would like to have at home. Even my visitors asked me about it when they got into my home. So soothing and nice.
Awesome scent!
Smells great! And helps we when I have troubling falling asleep!
Best freshener ever
I have tried this product. Love the smell and it does the trick when it is needed!
Febreeze Sleep Serenity
Febreeze Sleep Serenity had a wonderful scent. It wasn't too strong and worked well to eliminate odors.
One Of My Favourite
I was skeptical at first to how well this would work,but I’m impressed,not only do I love the fragrance but it does give you that calming effect as well.I actually use it during the day to give my home a beautiful aroma when you walk into the house.
I love it! It has a soothing aroma that makes the atmosphere in my home feel more relaxed and ready to wind down. It doesn't leave the floor feeling damp from the mist and the smell lasts for hours. I sometimes spray it during the day as well.. 🙊
Good Product
Loved this product, the scent was not over powering and helped me ease into a light sleep.
Love it!!!
I truly love these! I spray a little bit every night in my room and my kids room and it makes all the difference for a good night sleep!

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