4.6 5 0 49 49 Bring your garden indoors with the odor-eliminating, minty, and herbal scent of Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Peppermint & Rosemary.
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OMG! Smells amazing!!
Love this for spritzing on my laundry after drying. Super awesome and awakening/calming smell. Long lasting too!
Smells great and lasts forever Awesome fresh scent
Favourite spray
Really covers the smell of orders and musty smells. I have tried a lot of different sprays and when I spray the other ones the smell only last for a couple minutes but this spray last long
long lasting fresh smell
This fabric freshener is a good choice. Has a long-lasting minty scent (more likely for men then women) and make the fabric feels a little softer also. It is a great choice for ironing.
Worked on my couch
Sprayed this on an old musty smelling couch, and smelt good as new!
This product is much milder in sent than the original. It’s light fragrance isn’t overwhelming, perfect for everyday use. However, i wouldn’t recommend for smellier items like the gum bag or sports bag; perhaps on carpet, sofa, drapes and bed linens
I actually tried the lavender-scented version of this product. It really made my pillow smell good, and it eliminated the stale smell that was there. I would recommend this product.
I like this product and the way it smells however I find the smell overwhelming I`m sensitive to strong fragrance .
Love it
I absolutely love the smell of it. It makes my house smell so fresh and clean. It's the perfect light but powerful room/fabric spray. I'd say it's good for even people who are sensitive to sent.
I’m a fan of all febreeze products. Tried this new scent because I have pets and teenagers. Did not let me down!! Sprayed in the morning and it still smelled wonderful later in the evening. Would highly recommend this!!
I love how it takes the smell out of a room or my couch.. my doggie is lovely to have but can become very smelly!
Love feebreeze
I always have some sort of feebreeze product in my home love all of them.
Febreeze one fabric peppermint and rosemary
Great product! Bought it because we have a cat and a dog it did not disappoint my house smelt fresh and lasted more than 15 min would highly recommend this product.
Great Buy!
I bought this product because we have a dog and cat. I wanted a product that would last more than 15min and this product surpassed my expectations! It lasted all day and it smelled so good! I would absolutely recommend this product to everyone i know. What a great buy!
oh. My. God.
This is the BEST smelling febreeze EVER. Love it so much I bought 3 cases. 😊

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