4.6 5 0 58 58 Bring your garden indoors with the odor-eliminating, minty, and herbal scent of Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Peppermint & Rosemary.
Febreze ONE Fabric Peppermint & Rosemary
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I like this product and what it does for my furniture.
fresh and unique scent
I love all things fabreze so I was really excited to try this scent out! its unique and refreshing and kills unwanted odors like i love about fabreze. i even use it just to freshen things up even if there is no unwanted odors
Smells Great
I was looking for a fabric refresher and air freshener to use in my apartment. Both of my cats are extremely picky with air freshener scents and this was definitely gentle enough for them! It also smells heavenly and not overwhelming.
Teenage boys room....smells refreshing
I bought this product to help with the smells coming out of my teens room...he brings his fast food clothes home and eats in there. I tried a few different products and this is the one that has become a staple. It doesn't make him sneeze and leaves the room and hallway smelling fresh. We're all happy now.
must have
Always have it around because it works great I'M A SMOKER AND THIS STUFF REALLY GETS RID OF THE SMELL
Febreze Rosemary
The febreze commmercials that you see on tv are quite funny but true! Before buying febreze I didn’t think that there was anything special about it because I thought that all air freshners were the same. Febreze makes your house smell amazing while implementing its smell into your house products like sofas and beds, which are items that are very difficult to clean and wash.
Not for asthmatics
I ended up having to throw it out. Even though its scent is lighter than the original, it caused an awful asthma attack for my husband. Will go back to using all-natural products.
OMG! Smells amazing!!
Love this for spritzing on my laundry after drying. Super awesome and awakening/calming smell. Long lasting too!
Smells great and lasts forever Awesome fresh scent
Favourite spray
Really covers the smell of orders and musty smells. I have tried a lot of different sprays and when I spray the other ones the smell only last for a couple minutes but this spray last long
long lasting fresh smell
This fabric freshener is a good choice. Has a long-lasting minty scent (more likely for men then women) and make the fabric feels a little softer also. It is a great choice for ironing.
Worked on my couch
Sprayed this on an old musty smelling couch, and smelt good as new!
This product is much milder in sent than the original. It’s light fragrance isn’t overwhelming, perfect for everyday use. However, i wouldn’t recommend for smellier items like the gum bag or sports bag; perhaps on carpet, sofa, drapes and bed linens
I actually tried the lavender-scented version of this product. It really made my pillow smell good, and it eliminated the stale smell that was there. I would recommend this product.
I like this product and the way it smells however I find the smell overwhelming I`m sensitive to strong fragrance .

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